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Virtual attendance system

Virtual Attendance System

Attendance and leave management is a key HR process and an essential part of payroll input. It can be difficult for HR to integrate various attendance inputs from a range of logging systems, such as manual attendance registers, ID cards or biometric scanners, across all business locations.

Every month, a lot of HR time is invested in the reconciliation of the attendance data before processing the payroll correctly. A solution to this problem is attendance software, i.e. a virtual attendance system, which will give HR the ability to collect data from multiple sources and keep track of employees’ attendance and time automatically.

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Application Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) manages the recruitment process by collecting and organizing applicant information. These systems are used in recruiting and hiring new talent. By using an ATS, recruiters reduce the time spent reading resumés and screening potential applicants.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software specifically designed to automate the recruitment and hiring process. ATS solutions provide hiring managers with the tools they need to intelligently monitor and progress candidates throughout the hiring process.

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Application tracking system