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Deftsoft is a full-service web design and development firm that specializes in producing safe, responsive, and results-driven websites, web apps, and mobile apps and providing top-notch digital marketing support. We use cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality IT solutions to our global clientele. We are proud of our strong work ethic, professionalism, and thorough understanding of creating bespoke, successful end products after 17 years of experience.

We keep up-to-date on changing and developing consumer demands, rethinking strategies, remodelling your web presence to ensure that your business is always on trend, creating and maintaining that all-important engagement with your audience.

Say Hi! To Our Founder & CEO


Amaneet Singh Brar

Founder & CEO

Deftsoft is the realization of a dream he had in 2005. Mr. Amaneet Singh Brar is a passionate entrepreneur by heart, mind, body, and soul. He is an enthusiastic, skilled, and high-energy individual driven by his desire to help businesses flourish digitally.

Mr Amaneet has always been a pillar of strength. As the founder and CEO, he serves as a mentor and supervises several divisions of Deftsoft while providing fresh, inventive, and demanding creative execution methods for all projects.

Meet The Squad

amaninder sir

Amaninder Singh Brar

Director, Operations

sukhjit mam

Sukhjit Kaur Brar

Director, Internship & Training

shamsher sir

Shamsher Singh

Head, Business & Sales

paramjit sir

Paramjit Singh

Head, Web Applications

amardeep sir

Amardeep Singh Sandhu

Head, Mobile Applications

Ruban Kumar

Ruban Kumar

Head, Digital Marketing

Jagmeet Kaur

Paramveer Pupneja

Head, Human Resources

Naveen Chand

Naveen Chand

Head, System Administration