Digital Marketing

Making a mark in this competitive digital world is extremely challenging! Traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient for businesses to contact and engage with their target audience. In addition, consumers are captivated by the web in the digital era, allowing firms to exploit the online arena to cater to their customer's demands and enhance their business. When it comes to providing the best digital marketing services, we can make things a lot smoother for you with our unique approach to digital marketing and solutions!

Deftsoft, a recognized digital marketing agency driven by intelligence, is a name that hundreds of thousands of business owners have come to rely on. Our professional team will create a custom digital marketing strategy to enhance website traffic and conversions.

digital marketing
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Search Engine Optimization

When you want to expand your brand reach, you need comprehensive SEO. At Deftsoft, we are well-versed in delivering the best in SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, services that we know will enhance our client’s brand awareness, lift their brand’s reputation and put them on the international map. We help you and your business to stay focused, providing expert SEO services that will drive higher conversation rates, greater visibility and ultimately, deliver outstanding results.

We conduct in-depth business and competitor analyses, on-page and off-page optimisation, as well as monitoring and reporting services. Our intensive, full service and white hat techniques are respected by Google, boosts sales and drive website traffic authentically. We are proud of our excellent hands-on expertise in offering.

  • E-commerce Seo
  • Google Panda Recovery
  • Google Penguine Recovery
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics Management

Pay Per Click

Highly productive PPC campaigns are more than just a numbers game. PPC (Pay Per Click) is all about getting to know your audience, and your competitors, in a way that enables businesses to turn prospects into customers. Deftsoft are specialists in Pay Per Click campaigns, maximising clicks and driving traffic to your website, social media channels and other online platforms. We ensure that your business is visible on an array of platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We monitor and evolve your paid search campaigns ensuring quality traffic, driving down the cost of your PPC campaign. Our keyword research, grouping and budget management expertise is second-to-none Build your business using our highly-efficient Pay Per Click services that delivers actual clicks and drives successful customer engagement.

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Google Adsense
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Facebook Advertising

Social Media Marketing

At Deftsoft, we develop a range of social media marketing services and strategies that are designed to empower your business to control your brand messaging across a variety of social media networks, helping you to understand your business’s unique goals, objectives and challenges.

Social media marketing paves the way to success and enhances your brand image. We guide you in implementing powerful trends, developing social media strategies that meets your goals and connects with your audience. We aim to help you beat your competitors, optimising your social presence and helping you to unleash your business’s true potential across your social media platforms.

Deftsoft will create the necessary buzz around your brand to drive web traffic through our comprehensive social media marketing services. We know how important your brand is to your business; we will always be on hand to help you turn customer’s problems into praise.

digital marketing

Content Creation

Agile and experienced; that’s our team of impeccable content creators at Deftsoft. Professional and committed to building sustainable content that will enhance your business profile, our content creators are adept at compiling content that is informative, intelligent and engaging.

Where it’s a series of articles underpinned by data, social media posts that attract your audience or descriptions for your ‘star’ product, our highly talented team will take it in their stride. We deliver content that is crafted to our client’s specifications. Our excellent content creators have an impressive level of expertise, with a deep understanding of business requirements and in-depth knowledge that will not only capture your prospects, but turn them into loyal customers. We offer a wide variety of content creation services including:

Content Creation
Website Content
Website Content
seo content
SEO Content
Blog Posts
Blog Posts
White Papers
White Papers
Product Descriptions

Online Reputation Management

mobile ORM

People are more search savvy than ever, highlighting the importance of positive online reputation management to promote your brand visibility. At Deftsoft, we focus on meeting your business’s needs with an online presence. Our in-depth understanding and delivery of ORM-based solutions help us craft, hone and display our client’s business reputation in a positive way.

With Deftsoft, you retain control of your online perception and we provide the best range of reputation management services.

Your brand reputation helps to shape your brand’s identity and influences customer buying decisions; your online reputation needs to be the absolute best it can be. Our proven experts will manage your business’s digital reputation following these steps:

  • Platform Overview
  • Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Online Review
  • Social Media
  • Brand Recognition

App Marketing

How can you draw a global audience to your app? Let Deftsoft show you the way. Our app marketing experts are able to increase your app’s visibility worldwide, leading to the increased ROI you desire.

Because we understand the value of an app for businesses, we are able to deliver highly comprehensive App Store Optimisation solutions. Take advantage of an advanced way to improve your brand value, embracing new customers and higher download from over two million mobile apps through our app marketing capabilities.

Specialising in optimising your app in Google Play and Apple App Store via organic and paid marketing, our professional app marketing team at Deftsoft use ASO, the latest technological tool, to index and draw traffic to your app, delivering increased levels of downloads. Our app store optimisation includes:

Audit & Analysis
Aso Audit & Analysis
Apple App Store
Apple App Store Optimization
Google Play Store
Google Play Store Optimization
Marketing & Maintaining Interest
Marketing & Maintaining Interest
App Ratings & Reviews
App Ratings & Reviews
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