Virtual Attendance System

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Attendance and leave management is a key HR process and an essential part of payroll input. It can be difficult for HR to integrate various attendance inputs from a range of logging systems, such as manual attendance registers, ID cards or biometric scanners, across all business locations.

Every month, a lot of HR time is invested in the reconciliation of the attendance data before processing the payroll correctly. A solution to this problem is attendance software, i.e. a virtual attendance system, which will give HR the ability to collect data from multiple sources and keep track of employees’ attendance and time automatically. In accordance with company rules and policies, the software ‘communicates’ with attendance devices, or apps, to fetch the details of employee punches from biometric devices.

The software helps in calculating the total work time, late-in and early-out logs, and overtime worked according to the relevant rules applied to individuals or groups of employees. At Deftsoft, we have successfully installed an attendance solution for our teams, which means we have the experience and unique on-hand knowledge to be able to install attendance systems for our clients.

We are in restless pursuit of implementing the latest technologies so that our clients have the best solution for them. Our team of highly qualified, experienced professionals work tirelessly to develop systems that are more than just creative and technically advanced. We offer an incredible line of Virtual Attendance Systems that operate with a wide variety of functionality, such as using fingerprints to control access.

Track your employees’ office hours and break times with Deftsoft’s Biometric Scanner solution to monitor attendance.

Key Features

Centralized Data: Our virtual attendance systems help centralize data for HR with ease.

Real-Time Data: The virtual attendance system data push technology helps gather real time data on your server.

Non Proxy Punching: Using unique physiological features from each employee to form the biometric data, attendance cheating drops to zero.

Error Free Payroll Calculation: By linking office time software with payroll software, employee salaries can be calculated with the click of a mouse

Low-Cost Implementation: With a one-time installation cost for virtual attendance software, there is no longer the hassle and money-drain from manual attendance systems.