International Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating Women Around the World and Promoting Gender Equality

  • By Paramveer Pupneja

  • 11th March 2022

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It is not scientific proof of gender equality that is required, but general acceptance that women are at least the equals of men or better. – Stephen Hawking 

A woman is a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. A woman is a producer, consumer, and innovator. A woman is an individual with the power to change the world. Women’s day is not about a certain community or country. It’s about empowering women globally.

The motto for International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’. This year, WHO is recognizing and promoting women’s participation in building a healthier and sustainable future. In addition, the campaign theme for IWD2022 is #BreakTheBias to promote gender equality globally. With this in mind, we at Deftsoft celebrated women’s day with great joy and enthusiasm to remind our female colleagues of the power they hold. 

Deftsoft has always provided equal opportunities to women. We are deeply committed and dedicated to supporting women and gender equality. On International women’s day, we did our best to make the female employees feel special.

All the gorgeous ladies were dressed beautifully in Indian and Western attires. The HR team presented the lovely yellow roses to all the beautiful women, which added warmth, joy, and cheer to the office environment. Along with the rose, a greeting card with handwritten notes was presented to each woman to appreciate their contribution, dedication, and hard work for the organization’s growth. Of course, such memorable moments are incomplete without selfies and pictures, right? So, all the ladies clicked group photos and flaunted their roses and cards to capture the precious moments in a frame.

Later, an event was organized where all the women participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. The event started with the motivating and inspiring speech of the CEO, Mr. Amaneet Singh Brar, and Director of Operations, Mr. Amaninder Singh Brar. They shared their insightful views on the importance of women in our life. They thanked the beautiful ladies of Deftsoft for walking shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues for the organization’s growth. 

After that, the pretty ladies competed for the ‘women of the year’ title, which sparked the event. In the first round, the top 10 women were selected based on their attire and look of the day. The second round was the talent round, where we tested the brains of our beauties with some interesting and fun questions. The last and final round was the thrilling Gol Gappa competition which added icing to the cake. After these fun games, the ladies enjoyed the delicious pizza party. The celebration of the day ended with dance, drama, and music. All the women danced their hearts out on Punjabi and Bollywood songs and had a blast. 

Women are strong, independent, fearless, divine, and compassionate. Undoubtedly, the future belongs to females, and celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements is important. Therefore, all beautiful and strong ladies should pursue their individual dreams and know they play an equal and important role in their family, workplace, and society. Deftsoft wishes everyone a Happy International Women’s Day with the hope of a diverse, equitable, and gender-equal world!

Written By
Paramveer Pupneja
calendar 11th March 2022
Paramveer Pupneja, the pillar of the HR department at Deftsoft, has an innate personality for managing people. He is known for inspiring people to put their best foot forward and encouraging everyone to achieve their goals. Endowed with natural robustness, he eliminates our employee’s pain points efficiently and offers them convenient solutions.

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