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Deftsoft New Year Celebrations
  • January 2, 2019

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, our team has happily landed in the New Year with new milestones to achieve!  With the year end celebrations and successful achievements, the team, Deftsoft is stepping ahead into 2019 with the same zeal and sense of responsibility, towards achieving bigger goals and taking the company to the next level.

Celebrations have a great significance at the organization level. We celebrate every occasion to build a positive morale which results in increased employee motivation. With the continued tradition, at Christmas Day, the entire team was overwhelmed by welcoming a decorated Christmas tree at the reception area.

Later in the day, receiving gifts from Santa Clause were amazing. Clicking pictures and combined celebrations were a super fun. The competition among the different teams not only motivated all of us, but was an add on to the celebration.

When the winner’s names were announced, they had a feeling of pride. We all were looking forward to see their gifts. This certainly boosted our energy levels. We all enthusiastically started counting for the New Year celebrations.

Festivals are always a source of joy and happiness for all.  For working professionals, it is a time to set New Year’s resolutions. At Deftsoft, we like to keep realistic goals. With happiness and joy we started 2019 like a normal working day, but with each team determined in their minds to achieve milestones and grow as an organization providing IT services and programming solutions to the world.

The office celebrations  is the opportunity for team members to meet and mingle with other team members whom they don’t normally get to talk, especially in a big team like ours. This way we get the chance to meet and greet each other with a sense of responsibility that we are working together to achieve personal as well as organizational growth.

At Deftsoft, New Year Celebration (2019), was an occasion to share the diversity and to build a close network of employees on a common platform, where each one can cherish and understand the working culture of each stream. We have different teams like web designing and development, mobile development and internet marketing team.

We all are delighted to greet each other and happy to make friendships with new members. This laid a cemented foundation and a great working relationship among different team members. We all welcome 2019 with one single mind goal to achieve unparalleled success by providing satisfactory services to our clients by extending our abilities and enhancing skills.

Deftsoft Informatics wishes all its clients a “Happy and Prosperous New Year “with a vision to succeed in every endeavor by putting hard work, dedication, strategic planning and above all, an inspiration to accomplish our goals.

May the Year ahead mark a year of “Brilliant Achievements” by achieving milestones of success! Cheers to a New Year, 2019!


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