Adobe Experience Manger (AEM): A Comprehensive Web Content Management System


Adobe Experience Manger (AEM): A Comprehensive Web Content Management System

  • By Shamsher Singh Bhullar

  • 25th December 2018

The most essential need of the hour for top companies is to stand tall to have effective online presence. The atomization of business processes is the expected level to conduct business activities by organizations. The activities like digital marketing are quite complex to run with the elevated performance.

The tools like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) are introduced to strengthen the backend and web content management system. AEM is used to manage content and other resources across different channels by creating, processing and manipulating data.

The AEM tool is used to increase a company’s online presence which increases direct sales. To attain high business profits is a major challenge in an online business as the same businesses are emerging in market in big way. AEM works as a complete business processing tool right from hiring employee to collaboration with other companies. The AEM tool combines the digital content such as images, videos, documents, apps and the lists to come up with a single document.

AEM tool aims at reaching target audiences in a big way. It is an enterprise tool which can be used to completely bring a turnaround in conducting business activities. It is considered as a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) for all platforms such as mobile apps, websites and so on.

Reasons for Shifting to AEM

The tool monitors the entire process to maintain websites’ content and assets, thus, providing a fresh experience to clients.
AEM is a component of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is a suite of solutions that integrate with AEM including various other digital marketing services. The tool is a complete digital marketing solution for providing better results in managing data.

AEM has five sub modules: Sites, Assets, Mobile, Forms, and Communities. The entire package is able to build websites, mobile apps and forms to manage your marketing content and assets more easily.

Experience Manager Sites provides opportunity to combine the creation, management and delivery of websites, mobile applications, and other business channels. You can enjoy more relevant and engaging results on the web with better personalization features..

AEM Sites have following features:

• The mobile applications with responsive feature can be built and managed through AEM from one single platform.
• AEM Sites contain tools for optimization such as adding shopping carts, product information sync from other systems for applications like eCommerce.
• This is especially helpful for organizations that need to manage many sites across many regions and languages. With Sites, multiple websites can be controlled from one centralized place.
• Send a unified digital experience from different devices such as desktop to tablet to smart phone and to on-location screens.
• Provides the ability to manage and launch marketing campaigns from one central location. Also organize and store your assets in AEM Sites so they can be easily accessed and used for all of your campaigns.
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a module of AEM used to design, manage and deliver content, images, and videos to any device or screen.

Adobe Assets have following features:

• Assets are easily integrated with the Creative Cloud so that you can bridge creative and marketing workflows. This helps you to deliver consistent quality experiences.
• Your assets can be accessed and managed from the cloud.
• With Adobe Assets, you can automatically assign metadata and tags to all of your assets. Also instantly create collections of assets that are self-updating and shareable across your teams.
• Deliver personalized and targeted experiences to enhance the overall productivity.
• Users can design workflows for planning, creating, reviewing, approving, and managing asset production.
There are many considerations and situations to prepare for the implementation of  AEM Assets. Our team of experts helps you in the implementation process.

AEM Mobile is a Mobile app development platform within AEM which allows you to create and deliver mobile apps for all devices and integrate your apps into your overall marketing strategy from a single view.

Adobe Mobile have following features:

• Using a single code base, you can build mobile apps and deliver them to multiple platforms.
• Unpublished apps can be reviewed in real-time, speeding up the approval process.
• Leveraging built in Adobe Mobile App Analytics, you can immediately analyze the performance of your mobile apps.
• Using an easy drag-and-drop interface, users can update apps, and also see changes instantaneously without going to the app store.
• Draw users back to your app by conveniently creating and sending push notifications.

Adobe Forms is a document management system within AEM. It makes the process of creating and managing forms and documents paperless, efficient and automated. Complex transactions are transformed into simple, digital experiences on any device.

Adobe Forms have following features:

• Create interactive, personalized statements that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
• Users can complete forms using help text and video, responsive interfaces, electronic signing, and pre-filled fields.
• Adobe Forms provides proactive security and tracking of sensitive documents.
• Develop automated workflows, and merge form data and documents with your existing systems.
• Measure user experience and effectiveness using insights from Adobe Analytics, Target and Campaign.

Adobe Communities helps you to create online community experiences, including forums, user groups, learning forums, and other social features valuable to your brand, customers, and employees.

Adobe Communities have following features:

• Forums, ratings, blogs, etc. help in reaching to the customers and employees.
• Using user-friendly interfaces and wizards create and customize web communities that match your brand identity.
• Educate and assist your customers and employees with learning, and social knowledge sharing.

At Deftsoft, we are providing recognized AEM / CQ5 development and consulting services to the companies to have a great digital experience leveraging the power of AEM. We are committed to help our customers achieve great success with Adobe Experience Manager. Visit our website to learn more about our AEM services.

Written By
Shamsher Singh Bhullar
calendar 25th December 2018
Shamsher Singh Bhullar, heading the business and sales department at Deftsoft, has 12+ cross-industry experience that makes him an expert with thorough knowledge of upcoming business concepts. He has successfully led multiple teams in Digital Marketing and AEM and has an art of converting challenges into opportunities. Apart from developing innovative business and marketing strategies, he is committed to inspire and empower everyone around him to portray their very best.

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