WELCOME 2016: The Year That’s Beginning

  • By Jagmeet Kaur

  • 25th December 2015

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The New Year is ahead of us, and our team completes another exciting year with plentiful accomplishments. How prosperous a year turns out is mainly determined by its starting point, and with a positive start, our Deftsoft family successfully managed to deliver the best IT solutions around the globe, through an earnest approach and persistent hard work.
At Deftsoft, the past year has been wonderful with all successful stories that have been written through collective dedication and hard work. As we move on to the New Year, our sight is firm on goals waiting to be achieved, and pinnacles waiting to be accomplished. We take this moment to assure you that, at Deftsoft, the idea is always built upon the foundation of customer and satisfaction, innovation, and inquisitiveness. Together, let’s take the first step towards the year that awaits us and pen countless stories to make every event memorable that defines our professional relationship.
The 2015 year has been phenomenal for us and as we move forward, we celebrate the victorious year of our organization’s establishment. With the coming of a new financial year we look forward for a zestful business ventures internationally through an approach that focuses on quality solutions, pioneering methodologies, and consistent upgrades.
With the blessings of our Almighty, we welcome another year and prepare ourselves for the myriad challenges and the unparalleled success waiting to be unlocked to create result oriented approach that enthrall our clients.
Thank you for your business in 2015 and staying with us. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and working with you. We look forward to serving you again in the coming year. Live Deftsoft Informatics wishes you Merry Christmas and wonderful 2016!

Written By
Jagmeet Kaur
calendar 25th December 2015
Jagmeet Kaur, the pillar of the HR department at Deftsoft, has the natural persona of managing people. She is known for inspiring people to put their best foot forward and encouraging everyone around her to achieve their goals. She is blessed to effectively take her employees out of their fixes and offer them with convenient solutions.

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