Using Information as an Asset for the Organization’s Expansion Plans:

  • By Jagmeet Kaur

  • 27th November 2015

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In the contemporary business world, information plays a crucial role in determining the credentials of an organization. For the potential clientele, it is all about the power of information held within an organization. However, one must address the question pertaining to information before the debate rages further. Where the line must be drawn when it comes to dependability upon information? The measures that can be termed well enough for securing information and a lot more must be answered before an extensive discussion around information is initiated.
To begin with, information is everything, literally everything. Imagine your organization’s information vanishing for a complete minute. In the given scenario, you won’t be left with anything to work with, build upon, or use as a tool. This is where information and data security come into play. It is necessary for proper software programs to be in place to detect any unwanted outward flow of information from the organization. Taking the example of the recent hacking at Sony, which almost put an end to their movie business, we learnt what confidential data can do if revealed to the public. ‘Wikileaks’ and the hacker group, ‘Anonymous’, have been doing a fine job in showcasing the discreet potential of information.
As an organization, the motive should be to build upon information with information to gain more information. While it may sound confusing initially, but imagine using a single contact to extract more contacts in order to build a database of contacts. For many, this is a routine affair, and this is where one ends up making information their biggest asset. While skill and manpower constitute the physical strength of an organization, the digital strength is measured by the information contained within a venture.
Many entrepreneurs tend to make the mistake of confusing information with a static component. However, it must be realized that information, like your hardware assets and software programs, can evolve with time to generate profitable leads and eventually, monetary benefits.
This is all about information pertaining to the clientele. Another critical aspect lies in the information that has its origins within the functionalities and methodologies of the organization. This usually pertains to the employee performance, tasks accomplished, profits and losses, and an extensive range of statistical data. All this information must be carefully evaluated to enhance one’s understanding of the organization.
As we read above, information can be used as an asset for the expansion of any organization, but the onus lies upon the employees and the top brass to derive substantial output from the given informative setup.

Written By
Jagmeet Kaur
calendar 27th November 2015
Jagmeet Kaur, the pillar of the HR department at Deftsoft, has the natural persona of managing people. She is known for inspiring people to put their best foot forward and encouraging everyone around her to achieve their goals. She is blessed to effectively take her employees out of their fixes and offer them with convenient solutions.

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