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  • October 13, 2015

Twitter is all set to shock its audience of millions worldwide as it plans to roll out a feature that would enable users to extend the length of their tweets from the existing 140 characters. While this shakes the foundation on which Twitter marketed itself for almost a decade, developers are expecting to usher in a new era of tweeting with this upgrade.
So, the first question certainly wishes to reason with this curious move. It doesn’t come as a surprise now when reports from various social media analysts depict the falling traffic of this networking portal. Certainly, a lull has been witnessed in the networking arena for all websites, and that has led to ventures innovating with new ideas, topping the chart with ads.
Twitter, as users have known it for years, comes across as a portal where people are shackled by word count, but not by wit or freedom. The cheeky ones have already made enough merry out of this mayhem, while celebrities enjoyed a greater degree of privacy, teasing their fans on multiple occasions.
What could this move spell for Twitter? Some might argue for a more relaxed form of communication, but hey! Don’t we have Facebook for that already? Instagram (a part of Facebook now) already hosts an array of images. One cannot help but think about the desperation that’s driving Twitter to a point where it ends up killing its own USP.
For the ones who are veteran Twitter users, this upgrade won’t be a happy one. The experiment with 140 characters yielded unforeseen benefits for the website, ranging from Tweet marathons to celeb Q/As. As we approach a new era of social media where privacy ranks higher than interface, we wish for Twitter to innovate within 140 characters only, because that’s what Twitter is all about!



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