The Tragic Tale of Paid Advertising on Facebook and its Consequences:

  • By Shamsher Singh Bhullar

  • 2nd November 2015

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A couple of years back, Facebook ventured into the domain of paid advertising. Clearly, this was a move to promote the idea of profit generation through Facebook. What had once been the medium for creative and inquisitive minds now became a thriving alley for the ones who could swipe their Credit Cards on a regular basis.
Undoubtedly, we all are fond of Facebook likes, and entrepreneurs, we want our business to thrive online, which on Facebook, is reflected through the number of likes. While this may not be conclusive in nature, it does offer enough potential for businesses to expand and reach out to new customers. The curiosity inside us pertaining to the likes on Facebook was what the social media giant capitalized upon, thus building an advertising portal that managed to fool countless people across the globe.
If we do a digital throwback relevant to websites, we shall discover that history has been kind to the innovations that have been unique and user friendly. Many businesses invest a heavy sum in order to get their business online, and yet, they fail to get the desired output. This can be attributed to the fact that companies tend to focus so many resources on their advertising, that they often sideline the primary aspect, which is their very own product.
The story of Facebook subscribers is similar. A swipe of your Credit Card does promise countless likes on your portal, but it doesn’t guarantee any results. The fate of paid advertising on Facebook was soon out in the open as analysts and researchers began discovering the flaw behind the idea of paid advertising.
To witness the implications of the hysteria of paid advertising, go online and visit a few news portals, and calculate the ratio between the active followers on their page against the total subscribers, and you shall find acquaintance with the tragic tale of Facebook Likes.

Written By
Shamsher Singh Bhullar
calendar 2nd November 2015
Shamsher Singh Bhullar, heading the business and sales department at Deftsoft, has 12+ cross-industry experience that makes him an expert with thorough knowledge of upcoming business concepts. He has successfully led multiple teams in Digital Marketing and AEM and has an art of converting challenges into opportunities. Apart from developing innovative business and marketing strategies, he is committed to inspire and empower everyone around him to portray their very best.

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