The Mindful Content Marketing Trends For 2021 are Here!

  • By Shamsher Singh Bhullar

  • 30th October 2020

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How can you make sure you are marketing your business in the most effective way? Well, one way is to keep your strategy current and line with the latest trends. You can’t be the last one to advertise on Facebook or Instagram. You always have to be on edge to remain relevant, efficient and effective. And, in today’s world, you can achieve all these goals through your content marketing strategy.

We keep hearing that content is king? Marketers emphasize on the importance of having great content for driving traffic. But how true is this statement? Does a good SEO content strategy help you to rank higher in Google? We can’t answer this question in a simple yes or no, but, with Google giving so much importance to content, marketers need to watch out for content marketing trends in 2021.

How will content marketing shape in 2021? Let’s find out!

Content marketing was and is going to be a critical part of the organization’s marketing strategy. Content marketing is a $400 billion industry, which shows how much confidence and investment firms put in it. 2021 will bring a whole lot of changes in a firm’s content marketing strategy with respect to blogs, videos, infographics, newsletters, podcasts and more. With 2021 just around the corner, it’s important to stock and analyzes what worked for content marketing in the past and what changes you have to bring in the future.

Firms must analyze the surprises and what’s in store for them in the next few months. Keeping up with the current trends will help the business to determine the right style of content marketing. In the midst of planning content marketing strategy, here are some trends you must watch out for in 2021.

Voice search will tailor your content strategy: In 2021, customers will use voice search to find answers to your question. Voice search gives freedom from exhausting yourself from typing your query into Google. Although voice search has been there for a long time, now from ordering groceries to checking weather, now people are using voice search for almost everything. At present Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have become a part of our everyday routine. The search terms marketers split into a virtual assistant are more nuanced than those we tap in the Google. The content marketers produce must incorporate long-tail keywords and entire phrases. Search for long-form of questions customers might ask and include exact phrases of queries in the article’s title.

Social media still is the king: By sharing your content on social media, you can reach out to people who are interested in your products. Social media platforms allow you to communicate with your relevant audience that too at zero cost. On the social media platform, you can also share content created by others and reach out to new relevant audiences. Platforms like Facebook, help you to interact directly with your customers and by showing behind the scenes details, you can craft strong brand-customer relationship.

Podcasts have become a must: In 2021, podcasts have become the most essential and fascinating content marketing strategy. Customers can listen to podcasts while performing any task at any time of the day. People listen to podcasts at the gym, while cooking, housekeeping or on commute. Podcasts are informative, entertaining and give relevant content to people on the go. From the marketer’s point of view, podcasts help in attracting the right people while establishing brands as the experts in their industry. Through podcasts, brands can discuss news and trends in a certain niche that are relevant to the target audience.

User-generated content will dominate content marketing: User-generated content is the new trend but will stay for a long time. The advantages of user-generated content are numerous. It gives businesses freedom from creating their content and allows firms to show products and services more authentically. UGC rewards brand fans by featuring them on the company’s channels.

More live streams: Live streaming is a new thing to watch out for in 2021. If we talk about Facebook, one in five videos are now a live broadcast. This means the live stream is a service customer should definitely engage with. A successful leave stream can increase brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. One easy way to use live streaming is to use social media platforms with integrated live streaming such as Facebook and Instagram Live. You can use Q+A, behind the scenes, an interview with an expert or influencer, breaking news, webinars or even a product demonstration.

Dynamic content: Dynamic or adaptive content, changes to suit customer’s behaviour, preferences and buying habits etc. In a dynamic email, pictures and text will vary based on customer segmentation. Dynamic content leads to a personalized experience for the customer. Dynamic content offers customers what they are looking for and also offer direct recommendations. Marketers must deliver content that matches users desires and pushes them closer to purchase.

Featured snippets: The coveted featured snippet will make a mark in 2021. They are the boxes of information you see at the top of the page when customers do a search. a featured snippet includes:

A how-to –list
Summary paragraph
Information table

It saves the user time, and Google link will link it to your full page. Landing a featured snippet is quite the accolade and drives a good amount of traffic.

Use a visual approach: The content experience is essential, and to achieve a good experience, a visual approach is essential. You have to make sure content is not only relevant but visually appealing as well. Many user-friendly editing programs make it possible to amplify any kind of data and make it attractive and easy to understand.

Mix marketing channels and break boundaries: One trend in 2020 that you will see in 2021 as well, is taking screenshots of tweets from Twitter on Instagram feed. This content is highly sharable and can be used for humour purpose as well. Brands can also take advantage of reel feature to post content that they could only upload on TikTok.

These are the upcoming content marketing trends that will dominate 2021. If you need help in creating great visual content, follow these trends and get ready to establish a long term relation with your customers.

Written By
Shamsher Singh Bhullar
calendar 30th October 2020
Shamsher Singh Bhullar, heading the business and sales department at Deftsoft, has 12+ cross-industry experience that makes him an expert with thorough knowledge of upcoming business concepts. He has successfully led multiple teams in Digital Marketing and AEM and has an art of converting challenges into opportunities. Apart from developing innovative business and marketing strategies, he is committed to inspire and empower everyone around him to portray their very best.

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