The spell bounding facts behind the Blue Eyes Technology!

  • By Amaninder Singh Brar

  • 8th December 2016

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“As long as we are humans, we tend to make mistakes”, a famous quote that replicates a deep meaning and conveys a real message to the mankind. To overcome some of the human errors, machines were invented years ago with a hope to achieve the heights of success in a perfect and toned manner. But, still, mistakes occurred, because humans are humans and machines are made by humans.
Today, we all work with machines and have now become dependent on them completely. On a serious note, we can’t even imagine our life without these wonderful gadgets. Starting from the daily activities of the life, to find a complex theory of science, machines made it all so easier and simpler and we all are so much involved into these machines that we can’t even sit for a single minute without holding a gadget in our hands.
“Hey friend, A very Good Morning! You seem to be upset today?” On a very fine morning, you get up from your bed and switch on your computer. Suddenly you hear some voice asking you this question and shockingly, you realize that it’s your computer. How will you react to this? Surprising? Exactly! Here’s not the end. What if, your computer helps you to cheer up and provides you an emotional support? This is seriously not a joke! It might look like a fairy tale but can happen the same in the near future by “Blue Eyes”.
The continuous research of error free technology has lead to many and many great innovations that makes the life of humans a bit faster and smarter. From all the advanced state-of-the-art inventions, ‘Blue Eyes Technology’ is one of them. It is a technology that has been conducted through a research by IBM in San Jose, California since 1997. The main aim behind this technology is to empower the computers to react like humans exactly. We as the humans possesses certain potential and perceptual abilities that we can sense each other emotions or feelings. Instead, we can judge the person’s state of mind by analyzing the facial expressions.
A beautiful world, where computers are walking hand in hand with humans, as they can talk, listen and can even scream aloud. By possessing the features or systems for speech and facial recognition, the computer collects the information and react according to the mood variations of an individual. Even, the computer can sense your emotional feel by a simple touch of the mouse and may act as an intimate partner. It effectively feels the presence of a human life around, verifies the identity and initiates a positive interaction. At the time of unusual situations and certain mishappenings, it will dial a call to your near ones to introduce your current state.
Providing the coordination and communication between the two units i.e. the Central System Unit (CSU) and the Data Acquisition Unit (DAU), the blue eyes technology connected through Bluetooth with the system, aims at working like the humans to support a healthy environment. The blue eyes system has the hardware loaded with a software striving to provide every possible effort and uses the non-obtrusive sensing method to measure the physiological approaches. These include the similar efforts made by humans for measuring the eye movements, heartbeat rate, and blood oxygenation, moreover, it triggers the user-defined alarms whenever necessary.
The wireless technology can only be utilized and taken into consideration using the blue eye technology. Where, Blue + Eyes are the two terms controlling the vital parameters for a computer imparting it to sense various movements of the eyes. The terminology of blue eyes technology consisting of two words, Blue- stands for the Bluetooth for a reliable wireless communication and the Eyes – to point out the various movements, providing the indispensable information with an idea to record and monitor the operations simultaneously.
The day is no far away when you will be having this blue eyes technology in your hands embedded into a hand-held device. Simplifying the lives conveniently and the retrieval of new and advanced possibilities has improvised the human errors. This technological forecast will probably bring a change to millions life by making you more lazy.

Written By
Amaninder Singh Brar
calendar 8th December 2016
Amaninder Singh Brar, Director of Operations, is the man responsible for using the latest technology to guide every department towards success. His vision and ideas have helped the prestigious institution in achieving the requirements of its global clients. He poses a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best IT solutions to clients.

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