Selecting an IT Outsourcing Partner: A Credible Step for Business

  • By Amaneet Singh Brar

  • 13th January 2021

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Ever wondered how to step up your game in the online market and become the king?  We are sure you certainly have.  But the obstacles you will face include increasing consumer expectations, market pressures and a fast change in technology.

One thing that you need to understand is being swift, agile and accurate will get you on top.  An in-house IT team might be a restraint in the speed.

If responsiveness is the key, finding the right IT staff is the best way to get to the digital market that people aspire to.  According to conducted research, more than 60% of employers find it hard to bring the best IT talent on board.  Hiring in-house talent also comes with additional costs and increased risk.

Outsourcing is the best option to make you the online king.  Wondering how?  By hiring a versatile, diversified team of talented professionals, you can transfer the entire burden onto their shoulders.  The outsourced creative thinkers, developers and talented designers will help you produce a digital product that will beat your competitors and be your customer’s favorite.

An amazing fact that will astonish you – outsourced global IT services will reach more than $900 billion by 2027.  What is the reason for this jump in the market?  The flexibility and innovation offered when the best outsourcing company is hired.

Why Outsource to an IT company?

Why Outsource to an IT company

With outsourcing comes different benefits, including having people with the skill sets you don’t have within your business.  A diverse influence from IT professionals will always help to improve your game.

Rather than trying to fit in a resource for a vital project, select an outsourced company that can provide the proper support.  It will, in turn, help to get the right assistance for your current project.

More than 30% of organizations choose to outsource.  Wondering why?  The added benefits and talent to your internal team as well as collaborating with a diverse group of people will help to progressively transform your business.

Outsourcing is a win-win situation as not only will you have creative minds on board, you will also be able to stay ahead in your core business.  Experts know the importance of outsourcing; that is why it has been recommended by them.

If you still don’t believe us, go through these benefits on outsourcing an IT service to get a more informed picture.

Cost-effective.  Saving money is a key to running a business, as well as increasing profits, and outsourcing helps you do just that.  With the outsourced service provider’s specialized experience, you can have a clear mind and focus on your core business.

Another added advantage of outsourcing is the reduction in the cost of hiring a new IT talent for your firm.  The fixed costs are eliminated when you choose to hire a professional outsourced provider for your project.

Experts on board.  Your outsourcing partner will have the relevant experts on board who can work on different projects.  Their expertise and skills will help your team to develop a broader mindset.  It will allow you to quickly dive into new technologies which may not be there with an in-house team. 

Choosing an outsourcing company will allow you the freedom to have a diversified team that can meet your project’s demands.

Reduction in risk.  Responsiveness is key when project development is in progress.  If you don’t adapt according to technological advancements, you will soon be behind the competition.  Outsourced partners know this very well; they will always be a helping hand, thus reducing your risk.

Your outsourced partner will work within your budget, to tight deadlines and will be a much better option than in-house staff.

Scalability is another advantage that cannot be overlooked.  Having an ideal partnership is ever-evolving and helps your business to grow at at a faster speed.  This, in turn, will help to develop a strong customer base in the market and stay competitive.

How to Hire the Right Outsourcing Partner?


Hire the Right Outsourcing Partner

There are several creative agencies to choose from that can help you.  Look for an agency which not only focuses on design and technical services, but is also competent.  Hiring competitive minds for your business will help it flourish and stay ahead in the online game.

Hire an outsourcing partner who will work as part of your firm’s team from the start to the end, and helps you generate a positive outcome.  An experienced partner is preferred so that you have the right talent for your company.

Going big or going home is not the criteria you should use here.  Here are some of the elements to consider before hiring the right outsourcing firm.

A proven track record.  You can find several newbies in the market, but we recommend going for experience.  Search for a partner that has a proven track record in your niche.  Go for long-term, strategic partnerships that will be fruitful for you.

Comprehensive technical skills.   It’s unlikely you’ll find an outsourcing partner that fits every aspect of your product development.  So, look for a partner who has a technical expert team in different areas.  These platforms can include, but are not limited to, video, machine learning/AI and analytics.

Have an approach to partner with a company that will provide you with the best.  

Providing the final product starts with having a great, creative discussion. Choose an agency that is a people-first agency who will help with creative ideas.

Your outsourced partner should have a positive attitude to working with you and excellent communication skills. Hiring a firm that communicates well will always help assess the progress of your project, thus making it a success.

The best outsourcing partner will ensure the successful closure of the project.   

How Can You Make Your Outsourced Project a Success?

Outsourced Project a Success

Hire someone who will work with you, and not for you.  The success of your outsourced project depends on you as well.  So, here are some tips to having a successful outsourced project.

– Be specific about your goals in a clear way.
– Carry out proper research on the market and view feasibility studies.
– Regularly check the progress of your project.
– Hire a provider who has the relevant experience and works with you.
– Go for a firm that can meet all your requirements and work on your project instantly. The outsourced partner should work in a secure way.

Deftsoft is an IT-based service firm that has a team of creative minds on board and experienced experts under one roof.  With several ongoing and delivered projects, we have the greatest minds who can deliver a successful project.

At Deftsoft, we know how important it is to work with you; we view the broader picture and adapt to working alongside your business’s teams. With the best modern technical methods used, hire our interactive minds for your project.

Written By
Amaneet Singh Brar
calendar 13th January 2021
Amaneet Singh Brar, the man responsible for taking Deftsoft to the pinnacle of success. Contributing to over 15 years of growth of Deftsoft, he has bought sustainable and quality-driven IT solutions that have a global impact. Admired for driving radical growth and building the IT infrastructure of a reputable enterprise, he is a trusted expert with a remarkable history of creating a name for the organization on the global landscape. He’s on the mission to develop innovative and bespoke IT solutions to accelerate business’ digital transformation.

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