Instant App – A New Android Feature by Google!

  • By Amardeep Singh Sandhu

  • 25th May 2016

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The craze for the latest mobile and its apps is increasing among the people on a rapid pace. The technology has improved a lot and is providing a better user experience than ever. Moreover, if we talk about the applications then there is no end of applications developed today with exciting and innovative features. Mobile apps are offering much better user experience, which you can’t even get from the browser-based web. We all are in a competition to get the best app to take the best out of it.

Have you ever think that what mobile apps are and what is the way to interact with them. Well, this is what Google wants us to think. It allows us to use native apps instantly in order to bridge the gap between the mobile apps and web apps. The most exciting thing is that you can use these simply by tapping the URL no matter, if you have not previously installed them.

The idea of launching the concept of Instant App is to make you think that where apps are going moreover, to make the native user experience convenient just like surfing to a website. There is no need to download the app or even log in. The built-in NFC chip will read the info and a list of native apps will come to your screen.

You will be happy to hear, that the apps will run in a secure sandbox all the way back to Android Jelly Bean. Google has tried this many times that how it can bridge this gap between the native and web applications however, this time Google takes a new approach to the native apps to make it more seamless for the users to download and use native applications.

Instant Apps is designed to modularize Android apps with an idea that the components that are immediately needed can be downloaded on the fly.

Written By
Amardeep Singh Sandhu
calendar 25th May 2016
Amardeep Singh Sandhu, head of the mobile applications department at Deftsoft, is known for implementing new technological trends in real-life applications. Having worked with popular mobile application platforms like iOS, android and hybrid. He brings the best and creative ideas, making sure the voice of the brand reaches the right people. He is responsible for exponential growth in the mobile application marketplace.

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