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  • March 1, 2016

IBM has recently come out with their very own open source development tool called Quarks. The development tool is supposed to help manufacturers and programmers build efficient Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Quarks has been designed by IBM to let programmers develop applications based on IoT sensor data from connected devices. The open source development tool has its roots in IBM Streams, which is an enterprise tool used for processing large amounts of live data. But as per IBM, Quarks has been redesigned from the ground up and lets programmers develop applications on top of connected devices. What that means is that Quarks can help capture live data from live devices.

IBM’s recent interest in machine intelligence and cognitive learning certainly suggests that Quarks would be soon plugged into and used in Watson Health.

Quarks would certainly give the ability to develop applications that live stream data like a wearable device which could track the health status of a diabetic or a mine worker wearing a helmet with sensors. The development tool would help not only monitor data, but will also help people monitor and access it in real time and relay that information to people who might need it immediately.

Only time will tell whether Quarks will be a success or not. But IBM has to be applauded for working on Internet of Things solutions.


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