Developing Scalable Mobile Apps–How Challenging it is for CIO’s!

  • By Amaninder Singh Brar

  • 10th October 2016

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Today’s evolving business era has brought a great impact on the developer’s life to deliver an out of box innovations in relation to the enterprise mobile apps. Such applications are developed to ensure a serene environment in an organization that improves the overall competence. But, building up an enterprise app is not an easy activity, it acquires a lot of challenges on the way, especially, in case you want to deliver great user experience with no interruptions.
An enterprise application should be adaptable, complex, mission basic and dispersed amongst various clients. They can be perfect with regards to joining a group or a ground for a shared objective or even simply keeping everybody in agreement with regards to day-by-day undertakings.
As, we have seen that people are turning more towards enterprise apps, however, various new challenges have come up. Let us go through with such challenges to examine the depth while bringing up the solutions:
1.Apps deployment to a number of users.
Believing that the only issue with the app development is restricted to hardware or software is certainly not the case actually. Otherwise, the deployment of apps to a larger scale is the main issue we have faced for a long time in respect of design and development. Today, users are not constrained to a single platform, i.e. the app users in today’s world is asymmetrical. The advancement of technology in the form of different devices has developed this specific issue as there are many users accessing the particular app from various devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Thus, tapering an enterprise app to a single platform is genuinely not possible, as what performs on one might not function properly on another.
2.Promote data security.
Keeping the data safe, is a big deal! These enterprise apps are basically designed to utilize for the business aspect, and it is for sure, there possesses some business data or information that is meant to be confidential. In case, the application is not responsible for storing the security of the information then it surely becomes an open gate for the bandits to theft the information that is not intended to disclose. Thus, to keep the data safe, first it should be ensured the security of the authentication process as possible. If the process is not secure, any unauthorized scammer would enter your account and will cause the damage that would be astronomical. Additionally, data encryption and data validation are also helpful to achieve the data security and adds an extra layer of protection to your information.
3.Choosing the right technology and development platform.
When it comes to developing an application, it is necessary to opt the best technology and development platform. However, failing to do so can bring about customers loss and requires a lot of efforts and cost, that isn’t at all fun in any way. Though, it will be beneficial to use Xamarin when it comes to developing enterprise applications, as it is compatible with almost every device. This is the best way to go to develop an application to get an easy access by a variety of users.
4.Appropriate User Interface.
As we studied earlier, an enterprise application should be designed and optimized to bring the best user experience. Thus, building the most suitable user interface is the crucial factor for developing enterprise applications, but it is often neglected than applauded. An application is not only meant to provide information, instead, it is designed to create curiosity and fun among the users. This enhances the way the users get engaged with the products and business. Though, it is necessary for the enterprise app developers to design something, keeping the user thoughts in mind. Remember, in order to be successful with your process, develop an easy and useful interface as simple and logical as it could be.
5.Selecting a perfect middleware for proper assimilation with mobiles
For effective working in any organization, requires various automated systems to manage an efficient communication between the departments within their mobile devices. Whereas, these automated systems are necessary to corporate a middleware to interact in a uniform manner. A middleware brings the contributions from these confined frameworks at one place and encodes in a dialect that the mobile devices can get. While choosing the perfect middleware that fits best for your enterprise app is totally dependent on the user base. The greater is the user base, the more noteworthy is the execution of the middleware you need to pick. This happens on the grounds that the bigger is the measure of the association or endeavor, the more intricate its individual frameworks are prone to be.
Concluding with the article, we come to know that enterprise applications play an incredible role for the businesses of any size. However, it is vital to comprehend their stars and additionally their cons. So, in case designing an enterprise app, it is significant to consider the aforementioned challenges that need to be overcome to ensure maximum scalability.

Written By
Amaninder Singh Brar
calendar 10th October 2016
Amaninder Singh Brar, Director of Operations, is the man responsible for using the latest technology to guide every department towards success. His vision and ideas have helped the prestigious institution in achieving the requirements of its global clients. He poses a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best IT solutions to clients.

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