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  • September 8, 2015

As Deftsoft Informatics completes a decade building imagination through curiosity, leading innovation through intelligence, and catering to an extensive clientele through dedication and persistence; the team has a lot to look back to. For a company that started out with the sole objective of imparting intelligent solutions to ventures and organizations all over the globe, Deftsoft Informatics has come a long way in achieving the pinnacles of success and recognition on a global level.

To celebrate this decade old commitment, the management has organized a party for the entire team, comprising of close to 200 employees, on 12th September, 2015. The venue selected for the celebration is ‘Hotel Dawat’ in Phase-5, Mohali. The in-house party is going to be colored with the participation of the entire Deftsoft team.

To further complement the celebrations, team members are participating in various folk dances, Skit, modeling, and even western dance. Undoubtedly, the entire Deftsoft team is looking forward to the weekend with great enthusiasm.

For more details regarding participation and timings, team members are requested to connect with the HR Department. The party awaits the presence of the entire Deftsoft family.


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