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  • September 21, 2015

One of the most prominent names in the domain of IT Solutions, Live Deftsoft Informatics completed a decade of unprecedented growth and unparalleled success with a bang. As the management hosted a joyous gathering at Hotel Dawat in Mohali, the team of Deftsoft comprising of over 150 people gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The event began with the traditional welcome of guests with badges, bouquets, and chocolates for kids who accompanied the team of founders. The inauguration was a special affair with the Managing Director, Mr. Amaneet Brar, revisiting the past to share the persistent dedication, hard-work, and commitment that has brought Deftsoft closer to the threshold of success. Also, there was a motivating and thought provoking speech by Mr. Amaninder Brar, who has brought laurels to the organization with intelligent operating procedures.

Setting the pace for the celebrations, Angad, son of Mr. Amaneet Brar, enthralled everyone present with an energetic dance which followed a mesmerizing performance on the mike from on the members. More color was added the event with a folk dance from the state of Himachal Pradesh, Western Dance, and the evergreen Bhangra and Malwai Giddha. All these performances were a result of tremendous cooperation and coordination of members from different departments. The same principles that brought all of them together on the stage have also enabled the organization to succeed over the course of 10 years.

DJ Party followed after a sumptuous lunch as everyone liberated themselves with an energetic dance. An award ceremony was also organized to commemorate the tremendous work done by the members over the past few months. In the end, the Internet Marketing Department was honored with the award for ‘Best Department’ for its consistent success and efforts in helping Deftsoft as it attained pinnacles of glory and prosperity.

As Deftsoft sets foot into another decade, the organization focuses on diversification as it caters to needs in the IT Sector across the globe. After an energetic display of performance and talent, the team enters a new decade with a rejuvenated mind.

For all those seeking photographs of the event, they can visit the official Facebook Page of Deftsoft Informatics. Click here


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