Christmas Celebration at Deftsoft Was a Memorable Moment

  • By Jagmeet Kaur

  • 30th December 2020

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Christmas magic is silent-You don’t hear it, you feel it, you know it, you believe it”-Kevin Alan Milne

Winter brings a lot of things that we find hard to embrace: snow, the gut wrenching cold, and the struggle of getting out of your cozy bed. But, with all the challenges winter brings with it, there is something to appreciate. Yes, we are talking about Christmas. With the arrival of December, one thing is certain; it’s time for the red and white theme to engulf the atmosphere. Christmas is the time of the year, where we strengthen our relationship between our personal and professional lives.  It’s the wonderful time of the year when people get together with their loved ones to celebrate with pomp and gaiety. 

And, if you think Christmas is the time to celebrate with only your loved ones, Deftsoft is here to change your perspective.  Celebrating Christmas in your office can harbor new relationships, build existing ones by doing something unique and wonderful for your loved ones.  Christmas offers the best opportunity to reward and appreciate your employees and give them a reprise from all the workplace stress. And, for Deftsoft, “employees come first,” which was depicted in our Christmas celebration. 

It has been a tough year all around for everyone. To end the year with a smile and with a hope of a prosperous year ahead, we started our Christmas celebrations. HR made an extra effort to bring something new to the platter while preserving the Christmas culture. To begin with, the entire office was decorated with beautiful lights and Christmas ornaments.  The Christmas tree was draped with a tree topper, wreaths, and light, giving employees a reason to flock around and take pictures that would find a place on their Instagram.

Well, Christmas is not only about decorations, right?  It’s time to play “Secret Santa.”  Secret Santa is the Christmas tradition, where team members drew random names to become someone’s Santa.  After the chits were distributed, the guessing game started. Everyone was given a wishlist of gift ideas to choose from, making Christmas celebration memorable for every employee and managers too.  The sheer joy of receiving gifts from your office colleagues and managers was unmatched.  

When we thought the celebrations were over, Deftsoft had something even more exciting up their sleeves.

Living up to their tradition, a cute little Santa glorified the tradition by distributing Christmas sweets amongst the employees. And, when there is a cute Santa on your floor, why not take a picture with him. Last but not least, the celebrations came to an end with the surprise contest of the “Closest Santa.” The employee who took efforts to look somewhat close to Santa was given a gift hamper with exciting goodies.

Christmas celebrations ended on a virtuous note with the Christmas wishes from CEO, Mr. Amaneet Singh Brar, and Director of Operations, Mr.Amaninder Singh Brar.

 Deftsoft family wishes everyone a peaceful and magical Christmas. We wish this New Year 2021 brings joy, happiness, and love in our employees’ lives.  We take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with us for their great contributions and wish you the best before this year comes to an end.

Written By
Jagmeet Kaur
calendar 30th December 2020
Jagmeet Kaur, the pillar of the HR department at Deftsoft, has the natural persona of managing people. She is known for inspiring people to put their best foot forward and encouraging everyone around her to achieve their goals. She is blessed to effectively take her employees out of their fixes and offer them with convenient solutions.

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