Building a Brand: Why a Top-Notch Digital Presence Is Important?

  • By Shamsher Singh Bhullar

  • 27th May 2022

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Never before has it been crucial for businesses to build and work on their digital presence, plus engage with the audience online. In today’s era, having a digital presence for your business is important for its success. In addition, you must have noted that customers conduct their due diligence before making a purchase online; because of this reason, businesses need to have a strong online presence to attract new customers and retain the current ones.

Whether you are starting a new brand or a business or working on the existing ones, a digital presence is a key to success.

What is Digital Presence?

A digital presence refers to how your business appears online. It is what people find when they search for your brand name or business on the web.

Digital presence incorporates content that you control majorly. For instance, your website and your social media profile and the content you do not control, such as online reviews on these social media platforms.

Now you must think about all that you do on the internet on behalf of your business; it includes-

– Your website, i.e., the mobile version and the desktop version.

– All social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

– Store or office locations, i.e., GoogleMaps

– Online reviews on Google and other social media platforms.

– Digital ads on different social media platforms.

What is the Importance of Digital Presence?

We have already moved to an era where having a digital presence is important. But, you also need to understand that having a digital presence is not about posting regularly on social media or putting false reviews; it is way more than all this.

A digital presence gives your brand an ideal platform to communicate with customers. In addition, with a digital presence, you get the opportunity to set a narrative of who you are as a brand and set yourself and your brand apart from your competitors. Your digital presence expands to all the touchpoints a consumer might have with your brand online than just your desktop or mobile website.

While on the one hand, digital presence includes your website, it also includes the area out of your control, such as conversions about your brand on social media and online reviews.

Reasons Why Digital Presence is Important?

Reasons Why Digital Presence is Important_

Be present, be visible.

Do you have any idea that most users use content marketing as a part of their brand marketing strategy? Gone are the days when you’d pick up a speaker to announce SALE SALE SALE; in today’s era, you will require a brand name of your business, and it will also require a strong online presence.

As there are several competitors, ensure that you pick up a different and fun way to lure your audience. For example, you can create an interactive app or a fun website that will grab the attention of the users and will make them engage with your website with ease.

You need to understand that social media platforms are one of the intelligent ways to upgrade and scale your business by using different digital marketing strategies.

Customer engagement at the next level.

Did you have any idea about customer engagement? The customer engagement rate is quite high during the first 5 hours of the day. Therefore, enhance your customer engagement rate.

One of the best benefits of going online is that you get the pulse of the customer first-hand. You will no longer require buying and paying for the random data to know who your customers are. When digital marketing is well done, it will give you a great insight into your customers.

Now you must wonder how you can use customer feedback as the crux of your success; let us look into the same.

Credits to digital marketing as it has made engagement with the customers much easier. You constantly have the opportunity to speak to your clients directly. Also, if you are careful enough, you will have the opportunity to study the trends.

A wonderful great impression.

It is said that people often form their first impression in about 17 milliseconds. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website can make a long-lasting first impression.

The first impression always lasts; this is a universal fact! If a customer is looking to buy a phone, no matter how good the phone is, if the brand name has little to no information online, the sales will dip no matter what!

People usually prefer to read about the product and look at its features and qualities even before making a final purchase. Therefore, if your brand has a great online presence, the customer will make a great, i.e., positive judgment about you. This factor will help you to enhance the capability of your brand.

Digital marketing, wait for what?

It is noted that the return on investment is between 18-20%, why lose it out? Have you been tired of paying the distributors and relying on them to drive the revenues?

Why do you have to cut your margins on multi-level marketing when you have the complete opportunity to sell your products to the customers directly.

It is one of the best benefits that a strong digital presence reaps. The ideology of direct marketing is profitable for both, i.e., your brand and your customers.

Show your services and products.

It is noted that almost 50% and prefer to shop online. Long gone are the days when you’d have to spend heaps of money to buy posters, banners, and standees to get your product name out there. With the help of digital marketing, all this has become simple, only if you have a strong online digital presence.

Your digital presence is a great way to show off your products and services. But, unlike offline marketing, it is not just an investment you have to make every time you launch a product or service.

Once online, forever online!

Your entire brand, products, and services will be online for your customers to see.


Now you can change your business strategy and get your product up and running in the digital foray! Deliver the message you want to, and attract the kind of customers you want to attract; with the help of a solid digital presence, you will be able to do the same. Try digital marketing on your mobile and web and analyze your brand to enhance sales and scale to new heights. For help with a digital presence, you can get in touch with professionals from Deftsoft and get help.

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Shamsher Singh Bhullar
calendar 27th May 2022
Shamsher Singh Bhullar, heading the business and sales department at Deftsoft, has 12+ cross-industry experience that makes him an expert with thorough knowledge of upcoming business concepts. He has successfully led multiple teams in Digital Marketing and AEM and has an art of converting challenges into opportunities. Apart from developing innovative business and marketing strategies, he is committed to inspire and empower everyone around him to portray their very best.

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