Bel Bonjou: Epic New Year’s Eve with a Feast


Bel Bonjou: Epic New Year’s Eve with a Feast

  • By Jagmeet Kaur

  • 24th February 2023

New Year is a time of love, joy, and happiness. Every nook and corner of the world celebrates New Year’s Eve with enthusiasm. The event is as much about receiving love as is about spreading joy Giving away gifts and wishes to people and treating them with good food and drinks take your joy to the pinnacle.

Each New Year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings, which is why Deftsoft organized New Year’s Eve “Bel Bonjou” where the Deftsoft family danced the night away and enjoyed the mouth-watering food and refreshing beverages and had a blast.

Corporate office parties, games, and activities makes the celebrations worth remembering. More than a party, Bel Bonjou was an oppourtunity for theemployees and staff to connect on a personal level.

Yes! The cool yet soothing breeze, and the festive vibe makes the ideal setting for a year-ending celebrations!The Deftsoft family welcomes the New Year to foster workplace camaraderie and promote employee engagement in a fun way.

We discovered that our employees are not just skillful and deft. They have been a nurturing a hidden talent which just popped out during the performances which adorned the night.. Bel Bonjou was a potent platform for all employees with such hidden talents. The fashion show was an icing on the cake and the night would have been vanilla without it.

To every valued employee of Deftsoft, you have been tremendous throughout the whole year. We hope you continue to shine, work and excel together. Your Efforts to bring success have been unmatchable. You guys bring so much worth to the organization.

Don’t forget to catch the glimpse of our celebrations here:

Written By
Jagmeet Kaur
calendar 24th February 2023
Jagmeet Kaur, the pillar of the HR department at Deftsoft, has the natural persona of managing people. She is known for inspiring people to put their best foot forward and encouraging everyone around her to achieve their goals. She is blessed to effectively take her employees out of their fixes and offer them with convenient solutions.

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