Augmented Reality- Where it will take the world ahead!

  • By Amaneet Singh Brar

  • 5th August 2016

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The obsession of living in dreams has led the technology to go beyond the imagination. The clear and seen example of this is what called Augmented Reality!
People in the world of IT are very well aware of this fact and most of them have worked in order to bring such creative innovation. It provides the developers endless opportunities to showcase and play with their ability, knowledge, and skills. The evolution of this advanced technology has had its great effects that can be successfully seen in movies and films – Terminators and Avatar, heads up display to watch on.
“Augmented Reality” depicts an illusionary world with the perspective of the real environment whose elements are computer generated with graphics, sounds, videos, characters, or GPS information. In simple words, it creates a view of reality that actually doesn’t exist. ”
It’s no wonder that the technology has been graded up to the level where we (general people) can’t even visualize the things. For us, it eludes the graphical computer driven exaggeration showcase to enhance our perception of “Chocolate House” reality. As discussed above regarding the endless possibilities it delivers, although Augmented Reality is fairly in primitive state that the development is going to accelerate very quickly over the coming few years. Augmented Reality could even achieve a state where it can improve and modify the appearance of this present reality around you to make it look for example look like the world of cartoon characters. We have surrounded with video gamers all around. In order to mark the technology with the recreational context to enhance the customer experience, it has extended to the gaming arena.
‘A delightful day, the ideal pair of sneakers, the yearning to earn a collection, a swarm of new companions holding up to be met- the world full of possibilities to explore’. This is what we get with ‘POKEMON GO’.
Pokémon go laid a remarkable success and has taken the world with storm. The game hit the app store in the UK and US and it appeared to be all sudden that people enjoying their day by flicking pokeballs into inn corners and in such locations where they don’t even go with own in order to snag Pikachu, Bellosom, Haunter, Ivysaur and other Voltrobs & Magnemites.
Let’s go into the idea that how this game is designed or worked? The characters of this game exclusively rely on Google maps showing the fixed directions. Keeping the theory of GPS navigation system, the whole game is designed. Using certain locations with the help of map, navigation information, camera tracking system and ultimately AR gives shape to the game and characters are placed according to it. The brand POKEMON enhances the interest because of its successful animation series on the television makes it a big bang among people.
Because of its breakthrough popularity, the technology is really appealing to investors and companies. The best of this has come up in an interview where Apple’s CEO; Mr. Tim Cook said that soon the company is going to invest in the technology Augmented Reality, AR in the long run as its going to be huge. This statement is itself a huge platform for many industries, especially for iOS developers where they can display their innovations.
Now, after a great success, it is wondering that where it will take the world now? What will be the future of this AR technology? The questions are many and the answers are a mystery. The augmented reality is based on the concept of 3I’s – Imagination, Innovation and Interaction. The combination of three is what we can see in Pokémon Go. Not in the gaming arena, it can be best utilized in other fields i.e. sports, education, business, entertainment and in daily life to get a smooth and easy living.
Yes, the ubiquity of this amused game gives us a glimpse into customer’s strive after AR recreations, but the innovation to communicate with this present reality is simply not there yet. Therefore, to attain such reality with fun, we at Deftsoft started working for this to create a platform where entertainment blends with the knowledge to be instructive.

Written By
Amaneet Singh Brar
calendar 5th August 2016
Amaneet Singh Brar, the man responsible for taking Deftsoft to the pinnacle of success. Contributing to over 15 years of growth of Deftsoft, he has bought sustainable and quality-driven IT solutions that have a global impact. Admired for driving radical growth and building the IT infrastructure of a reputable enterprise, he is a trusted expert with a remarkable history of creating a name for the organization on the global landscape. He’s on the mission to develop innovative and bespoke IT solutions to accelerate business’ digital transformation.

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