A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Mobile App Development

  • By Amardeep Singh Sandhu

  • 21st January 2022

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The mobile app development industry is evolving at a rapid speed, and it is expected to grow more in the coming time. Even in the present scenario, from messaging to fitness and banking, you will find a mobile app for everything. Although the idea of mobile app development may sound exciting and as simple as a pie, it’s not that easy. You will be surprised to know that there are almost 6.63 million apps on Google and the Apple App Store combined. So, making your app stand out from the crowd is the real challenge. You must understand the basics of mobile app development before making a decision. Whether you are a mobile developer or a business planning to develop a mobile app, this blog post will help enrich your knowledge of mobile app development. So, let’s start from scratch.   

Understanding Mobile App Development and its Importance 

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of building mobile applications that can be pre-installed or installed later by the user in a small, wireless computing device like a smartphone or other hand-held device. It is all about defining, designing, coding, building, and launching a successful mobile product. Mobile apps are becoming popular among businesses, just like a websites. In the rapidly changing business environment, a mobile app helps build a continuous presence, and it is an effective, efficient, and quick way to deliver information. Go through these mobile use statistics to understand the importance of mobile apps. 

– People use 90% of their mobile time on apps

– The average consumer has 30 apps installed on mobile

– On average, smartphone users spend about 35 hours a month using apps

– 85% of consumers prefer native mobile apps over a mobile website 

Mobile App Development Platforms

– iOS from Apple Inc

– Android from Google 

Both app development platforms have various similarities, but different kits are used for both platforms. These two also differ in development level, design, and marketing strategy. You can consider factors like user location, budget, and target audience when deciding which app development platform is better for your business.  

Things to Consider When Planning for a Mobile App

Things to Consider When Planning for a Mobile App

Consider the following factors when planning for a successful mobile app for your business. 

Concept – Every app starts with a creative idea, but the theoretical plan may not necessarily be effective in a practical situation. So, researching and defining the concept and features of an app is essential before beginning the development. 

Target Audience – Understanding the goals, needs, and technological preferences of the users is another important thing that you should consider. Keep an eye on the market trends and your competitors for a better understanding. 

Business Value – Your app must have a unique value and a solution to the problem of your users. It will motivate the users to choose your app over your competitor. A successful app should serve business objectives as well as consumer needs. 

Flowchart – Once all the concepts are clear, start working on them. The first step is to create an app flowchart that is a simple, readable, and brief presentation of the app. It should include concept, workflow, features, budget, deadline, and the development process. 

Find Reliable Mobile App Development Services 

Reliable Mobile App Development Services

You cannot bring life to your dream app without a team of trustworthy mobile app developers. So, here’s how you can find reliable mobile app development services that meet your expectations. 

Research and References – Online research and references of friends & colleagues are the easiest way to find a reliable company. You can also ask the company for their current and previous clients’ contact details for honest feedback. 

Portfolio and Reviews – Check the portfolio of companies and look at whether their apps are visually attractive and with an easy-to-use interface. You can also check online reviews of the company. 

Budget – Setting a budget is important but don’t let the cost be the deciding factor. The mobile app can lead your business to heights of success. So, don’t hesitate to invest. 

App support and Maintenance Services – Make sure you hire a company that provides app support and proper maintenance services. Find a company that works with a positive & flexible approach and is ready to make changes according to the need of clients.

When we come across the term mobile app development, complex coding activities start daunting. But, there is nothing to worry about. When looking for the right mobile app developer for your business, you can count on Deftsoft. Our professional developers know how to execute jaw-dropping mobile app plans for both Android and iOS platforms. We are a reputed web and mobile development company with years of experience and exceptional expertise. Check out our mobile app development portfolio and get in touch with us to bring your mobile app idea to life. 

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Amardeep Singh Sandhu
calendar 21st January 2022
Amardeep Singh Sandhu, head of the mobile applications department at Deftsoft, is known for implementing new technological trends in real-life applications. Having worked with popular mobile application platforms like iOS, android and hybrid. He brings the best and creative ideas, making sure the voice of the brand reaches the right people. He is responsible for exponential growth in the mobile application marketplace.

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