10 Web Design Principles for a Successful Website in 2022

  • By Paramjit Singh

  • 7th January 2022

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A website is the reflection of a brand, and in most cases, it helps form the first impression. Usually, visitors judge a website in the first few seconds, and a visually appealing website is important to captivate the attention of the visitors in a short span. Whether the visitor will remain on your page or leave your page highly depends on the design of a website. 

Did you know that 38% of visitors stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is not attractive to the user? Along with it, web design also impacts the performance of a website in search engines like Google. In this blog post, you will learn about the effective web design principles essential for a good website that looks good and functions properly. 

1. Simplicity 

Simplicity is the key to a good website design. Unnecessary and overcrowded elements may mislead or distract the user from important things. Aesthetics are more appealing in a clean and fresh website design. A simple website can do wonders, and it helps users locate the desired information easily on the web page. 

2. Visual Hierarchy 

Visual hierarchy in a website helps the visitors understand where the most important information is. It is all about the right arrangement of various elements to create a sense of order. The visual hierarchy helps improve user experience by establishing clear navigation and making important elements noticeable. 

3. Consistency 

Another important principle for a winning website is consistency. From the homepage to the last page, everything should be symmetric in a good website. A well-designed and alluring header, footer, body section, and the same font, color, and design style help maintain consistency. 

4. Navigation 

Navigation is important in a website so that the visitor can search with ease. An organized and transparent navigation system makes the user experience better, and it encourages the users to stay for longer on the website. So, it is important to place the navigation bar properly to make the website look clean and boost the website design. 

5. F-Shaped Pattern 

The F-shape pattern is one of the most popular strategies for a great visual hierarchy in a website. It helps visitors scan the website comfortably and effortlessly. According to studies, most visitors (western readers) look for the F pattern. They go from left to right at the top and come down the line in the same direction. So, the F-shaped pattern is the perfect design to maintain the natural flow of reading of the visitors. 

6. Content 

Great content helps deliver the right message to the audience. So, a website cannot achieve success only with visual appeal, and content is equally important. Clear, relevant, and keyword-rich content helps engage and persuade the audience, and design, visuals, and videos provide a secondary role. So, the content should be ready before starting the web design. 

7. Typography 

Typography makes the content look attractive and helps enhance the readability of the website. Choosing the right typography is important as it is an extension of the brand image. Along with it, typography helps maintain consistency and makes the website look aesthetically pleasing. So, typography is essential to improve the overall user experience of the visitors. 

8. Colors

Using the right colors in a website ensures that it reflects the right message in the right way. Apart from using the brand colors and the client’s favorite colors, there are a lot of factors that are considered while choosing the colors for website design. Some of them are the color theory, color wheel, and color psychology. This is because color highlights the important website elements and increases brand recognition. 

9. Performance 

If a website looks good but does not perform well, then it is of no use. So optimizing the website performance and adjusting the things that may ruin the user experience is essential. Also, when there is a delay in loading, displaying a reassuring error message or a loading animation can help improve the performance. 

10. Mobile-Friendly

Most people prefer mobile devices rather than the desktop, so having a website with a responsive layout is important. It should adjust to different screens and provide compatibility on both desktop and mobile devices. Gone are the days when the mobile version was minimal. Now having a mobile responsive web design is extremely important to expand the reach of services.

The Final Words

A good website design should have all the elements that make it functional and beautiful. If you are looking for a website designer who can help you create your dream website for your business, Deftsoft is the name you can count on. Our exceptional, skilled, and experienced designers believe that a great design is the heart of the website. We can help you create an aesthetically appealing website to drive impactful results for your business. 

Written By
Paramjit Singh
calendar 7th January 2022
Paramjit Singh, heading the web applications department at Deftsoft, has immense experience in creating user-friendly and easy to navigate websites making use of the latest technology like PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript. He is known for his amazing IT skills and ability to manage the team, creating benchmarking output.

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