Health Splash

The HealthSplash application was developed to deliver fast, efficient healthcare using a simple mobile application. Integrated with numerous healthcare platforms and delivering healthcare via the application to registered patients, the app is an ideal solution that fills the current gaps in the healthcare system.


The Challenges

  • Complexity of the healthcare availability based on the system, which includes managing the available healthcare, and also users booking multiple appointments.
  • Option to “Schedule a Call” with a healthcare provider on a specific date and time.
  • Implementation of Login Module with and without Password.
  • Syncing of the Application with website platform.

The Solutions

  • We have prepared an algorithm for the healthcare management and put in some logic to manage the availability of the doctor for the date and location based on the specialty of healthcare.
  • We have added a Callkit to enable users to call the healthcare provider.
  • We manage the login with the OTP in which the user can login without password but needs to enter OTP to protect it from duplicate accounts; once the users save the password, the user can log into the app without OTP.
  • We followed the process of development of features side by side on both the platforms.


  • 01 The system was very simple and easy to use.
  • 02 User can look for their nearest healthcare centers.
  • 03 User can filter the healthcare centers as per the ratings, name, speciality or language.
  • 04 User has an option to view a list of doctors nearby without logging into the app.
  • 05 User can easily schedule an appointment in just 3 easy steps, which is the main concern for the app.
  • 06 Users are also allowed to schedule an appointment the future dates as well.
  • 07 User can login into the app with email address or Facebook and can skip the enter password functionality.
  • 08 User can use the system on a web browser or through their IOS and Android smartphone applications.