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The Challenges

  • On-page Fixation
  • Have to work on 64 keywords.
  • Poor Meta Tags.
  • Website Loading Speed.

The Solutions

  • We have done the complete website analysis to find out the factors that we need to resolve to improve the website stats.
  • We have done the keyword research to find the most relevant keywords. We are currently working on 64 keywords.
  • After the keywords research, we have written the Meta tags for each landing page and updated the same on the website.
  • To improve the website loading speed, we have optimized all the images of the website and also removed the unnecessary code from the website.


Most of the keywords got better ranking in Google search results. We have targeted 64 keywords for the website. Here are the overall stats of the website:

  • 01 Total Keywords: 64
  • 02 Total Keywords in Ranking: 57
  • 03 Keywords in Top 10: 15
  • 03 Keywords in top 50: 44