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Whether you're a Web 3.0 startup owner or a blockchain enterprise solution, rendering the power of a cryptocurrency wallet is indispensable. A crypto wallet secures all your cryptocurrencies, NFTs, tokens, stablecoins, etc. Prioritizing the security of your crypto assets is non-negotiable, and Deftsoft fixates on this practice. Deftsoft offers one of the best crypto wallet development services as we develop custom crypto wallets according to your business needs. We render mobile and web crypto wallet solutions with utmost security and on-time delivery. Our clientele for decentralized wallet development ranges from DeFi trading and investment platforms and DEXs to varied Blockchain wallet projects. Elevate your business organization with a custom-centric and value-driven cryptographically-secured crypto wallet development company.

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Investors and blockchain enthusiasts regularly send and receive cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), or any other decentralized exchange (DEX). It often becomes a hassle for them to manage and store these assets. Introducing crypto wallets, a blockchain-centric solution that stores all these assets securely through private and public keys. It is an application that works as a digital wallet, storing the passkeys to sign in for transactions and accessing your cryptocurrencies. Deftsoft develops such crypto wallets for storing assets and making transactions.

Why Do You Need a Digital Crypto Wallet?

The crypto wallet does not store cryptocurrencies or any other blockchain asset; it only saves the passkeys to access the assets. Without the passkeys, you cannot prove your ownership of the assets. This is why it is crucial to have a safe digital crypto wallet. Apart from this, you need a crypto wallet because of the following:

  • Real-Time Tracking

    A digital cryptocurrency wallet tracks your current available balance and various costs incurred. It allows day-to-day instant transactions by entering the private passkeys to sign into a blockchain platform.

  • Extensive Security

    We build crypto wallets using highly sophisticated cryptographic techniques, ensuring top-notch security. All your digital assets, such as NFTs and other cryptocurrencies, are kept secure without getting tampered.

  • Economical Transaction Fee

    Blockchain platform miners charge minimal gas fees to the users for performing transactions. Crypto wallets simplify the process of cryptocurrency transactions as it keeps the passkeys safe.

  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Support

    A user can store more than one type of cryptocurrency in a single digital wallet. From Etherium to Ripple, you can save as many types of cryptos as needed. It also performs currency conversions and trades on exchanges.


Boost Your Web 3.0 Business with Deftsoft Professionals

Deftsoft has a dedicated team of seasoned blockchain developers. They possess hands-on experience developing digital crypto wallets for clients from various industries, such as logistics, e-commerce, hospitality, tech, etc.

Our broad spectrum of blockchain professionals includes the following:

  • Technical Leads
  • Solutions Specialists
  • Developers and Testers
  • Product Managers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Architects
  • Scrum Masters
  • DevOps experts
  • Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger experts
  • Database experts
  • Framework experts
  • Wallet experts

Our Crypto Wallet Development Services at a Glance

We provide a wide range of crypto wallet development services to our clients. You choose your custom service; we present with the same.


Mobile and Web Wallet Development

We develop a user-friendly interface that facilitates robust crypto transactions for accessing blockchain platforms on the web. We create mobile-friendly crypto wallets that are seamless, intuitive, and end-to-end encrypted.


NFT Wallet Development

We mainly focus on developing an NFT wallet that can accommodate multiple non-fungible tokens with a user-friendly interface. Users can manage, store, and trade their NFTs robustly with ease.


Coin-Based Wallet Development

We also offer coin-based wallet development for various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, etc. These wallets are very secure and offer seamless transactions for the unique needs of multiple coins.


DeFi Wallet Development

Our experts develop DeFi wallets that give users complete authority over their digital assets. This type of wallet is decentralized, where you can store, earn, and grow your assets, such as Bitcoin.


Multicurrency Wallet Development

Instead of keeping different cryptocurrencies in separate wallets, we develop wallets that allow users to store and utilize various decentralized currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Enjoy hassle-free transactions.


Bitcoin Wallet Development

Our experts offer potent Bitcoin wallet development services for exchanging, earning, and storing Bitcoins in private wallets secured by passkeys. The wallets are easily accessible and highly accessible with the most advanced features.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

The crypto wallet development process is complex, yet we follow an intuitive and easy-to-follow approach to crypto wallet development. Our focus remains on enhancing business functionality and scalability. The process works as follows:


Analyzing Prerequisites

We first comprehend your requirements and communicate them further to the technical team for the required technical stack. This sets the pace for the project and navigates the required type of crypto wallet. The design team then collaborates to add specific features.


Crypto Wallet Architecture

We then prepare a solid blueprint of the discussed crypto wallet to ensure all components work as required. The process involves the seamless working of transactions, front-end, back-end, data storage, and retrieval.


Designing the Wallet

This step involves the creation of an ideal outline for the UI/UX of the crypto wallet. Firstly, we develop a low-fidelity design to get your approval. Later on, we create a high-fidelity design with proper features.


Developing the Wallet

Our technical developers decide the front-end and back-end of the crypto wallet with the help of high-level programming languages, such as Solidity, Node.js, JavaScript, Go, TypeScript, and frameworks like Angular, React, etc.


Developing Smart Contract

Our blockchain developers write an efficient and bug-free smart contract to add functionalities to the wallet, including transfer limits, account recovery, smart returns, and batch transactions for smooth performance.


Wallet Testing and Deployment

We achieve the highest version of the crypto wallet through numerous iterations. Our technical experts remove bugs and glitches. We then push the wallet to the deployment stage and keep it updated with the latest features.

What's Different in Our Crypto Wallets?

We introduce unique features to our crypto wallets for non-custodial and tamper-free functionalities.


Easy integration

It readily integrates with all Defi and other blockchain platforms. Therefore, it is easily accessible and ready to use to capture the global market.


Real-Time Updates

We provide you with up-to-date exchange rate information so you can make informed decisions with our crypto wallet development services. This lets you view graphs and charts that give you a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies.


Payment Gateways

Payment gateways can facilitate the quick and simple purchase and sale of digital goods. For instance, a payment gateway that only allows for effortless deposits and withdrawals can be helpful.


User Authorization

Certain websites and applications utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) as a security measure to verify that you are who you say you are. Multiple-factor authentication (MFA) requires you to verify your identity using multiple methods, which increases security.


QR Code Scanner

If your cryptocurrency wallet app has a QR code scanner, it may immediately scan the public keys and wallet address. As a result, it enhances various cryptocurrency transactions with a single click.


Push Notifications

The crypto wallet users will get push notifications each time they trade cryptocurrencies or any other blockchain asset. They will also be notified about the number of exchanges that occur.

Why Deftsoft is a Reliable Crypto Wallet Development Company?

You must invest in a reliable crypto wallet development company if your goal is to opt for secure, stable, and scalable crypto wallets. Deftsoft is one such trustworthy company that offers sophisticated crypto wallet development services.

Reasons why you must choose us:

Broad Spectrum of Professionals

We have a team of high-grade professionals who pour in their best hands-on expertise in developing crypto wallets for our clients. We focus on multiple iterations followed by tests to build the best version of the wallets.

On-Time Delivery

Our focus is to deliver our projects precisely on time without hampering the quality of the outcome. We ensure that the crypto wallets are optimized within the deadline discussed with our clients.

Constant Collaboration

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to foster the best crypto wallet development services. From custom solutions to post-development support, our team offers full support to promote your projects.

Exemplary Performance

Deftsoft consistently surpasses the client’s expectations by providing over-the-top performance via our technical crypto wallet development team. We have a proven record of success stories and client case studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto wallet development is the process of developing a secure, scalable, multi-cryptocurrency storage wallet. It refers to building a digital storage entity capable of storing the passkeys of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other blockchain asset transactions. Deftsoft has a team of experienced crypto wallet developers who deploy the industry's best practices for outstanding results.

Since the crypto wallet process is quite complex and requires intricacy, the cost of developing a crypto wallet usually lies between $25,000 and $200,000. The cost varies based on the type of project, whether it is a multi- or single-wallet, etc.

A crypto wallet comes with private keys that allow a user to access his/her crypto wallet. It can store various digital assets inside it. You can send, receive and store cryptocurrency inside the wallet. Deftsoft builds secure crypto wallets that contain both private and public passkeys. You need these passkeys when verifying and making a transaction. You also need to enter these keys when checking out your wallet balance.

It depends on a project's complexity and functionality to gauge the time required for a crypto wallet development. If a crypto wallet is a single cryptocurrency wallet, it will take less time than developing a multicurrency wallet. For example, a Bitcoin wallet is a single crypto wallet with less complexity. Next, we check for vulnerabilities and secure the wallet with 2-factor authentication.

Some of the key features of a crypto wallet app include quick push notifications, an immutable record of the complete transaction history, complete wallet backup for security, an integrated payment gateway, automatic logout functionality, and multi-cryptocurrency storage capabilities.