Revolutionize Customer Experiences with Adobe Audience Manager

Take your customer experiences to the next level with Adobe Audience Manager. Unlock its transformative power and revolutionize the way you engage with your audience. At Deftsoft, we understand the importance of delivering personalized experiences to your audience. That's why we offer enterprise-level Adobe Experience Management (AEM) solutions that help revolutionize customer experience. With our team of highly skilled and certified AEM experts, we are committed to providing you with top-notch engagement and customized solutions. We are an award-winning and globally recognized AEM development agency. Thus, your feedback is of the utmost significance and we constantly strive to be the best AEM development agency. So why wait? Let Adobe Audience Manager empower your business and take your customer interactions to a whole new level of success!

An AEM Dream Team
Focused on You

At Deftsoft, we have a dedicated AEM team that delivers customized AEM solutions. Our Adobe Developers have mastered the code driving AEM - Java, HTL, Sling, OSGi, and workflows. Their skills power rapid, robust implementations aligned to your goals. We customize with precision, integrate with ease, and optimize continuously. Our laser focus on user needs translates to digital experiences that perform.

With Deftsoft, you gain a partner invested in your success:

  • Strategic depth to unlock AEM's potential.
  • Innovation that evolves as you grow.
  • Seamless cross-channel experiences.
  • Future-ready solutions powered.
  • Unmatched quality and on-time performance.
  • Transparent communication for a smooth ride.

Our advice uncovers possibilities. Our expertise brings them to life.
With us, you gain an extension of your team - A dream team who speaks AEM fluently.


Empower Your Business with Deftsoft AEM Professionals

Unlock your digital potential with Deftsoft AEM capabilities. Our skilled Adobe Experience Manger Developers can help you:

  • Design impactful cross-channel customer journeys with enhanced
  • Seamlessly integrate AEM into existing tech ecosystems.
  • Optimize content production workflows.
  • Drive more value from your AEM investment.

With Deftsoft as your AEM partner, you can deliver next-level customer experiences through context-aware engagement. Let us empower your business to stay ahead in a dynamic digital world.

Advantages of Using
Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a powerful web content management system that helps businesses create, manage, and deliver personalized digital experiences across various channels. Here are some key advantages AEM provides:

  • Adobe Experience Manager simplifies content creation and management, allowing businesses to easily create, edit, and publish content across multiple channels with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Adobe Experience Manager allows businesses to segment their audience and tailor content based on individual preferences, behaviors, and demographics. This helps enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and drive conversions.
  • Adobe Experience Manager allows businesses to segment their audience and tailor content based on individual preferences, behaviors, and demographics. This helps enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and drive conversions.
  • Leverage data insights to deliver targeted content tailored to individual customers.
  • Adobe Experience Manager adapts to changing content management needs, handles large volumes of content, and supports multiple websites, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Deftsoft specializes as a top-notch AEM development company that enables clients to leverage the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager and reach business goals seamlessly.


An AEM Agency that Renders Speed, Reliability, and

AEM is a well-renowned AEM company that is always ready to take your digital game to the next level. We believe in " Empowering Your Digital Presence". Here's how we stand out from the competition:

Technical Expertise

Our team of highly qualified professionals possesses extensive technical expertise in AEM development, ensuring seamless execution of your projects.

Creative Experience

We combine technical excellence with creative prowess to deliver visually stunning and engaging digital content.

Agile & Global Delivery

Agile & Global Deliver in AEM guarantees effective project execution, enabling seamless collaboration across multiple international locations in Adobe Experience Manager development.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the root of everything we do at Deftsoft. We adhere to the industry's highest standards to ensure that our AEM solutions meet the highest level of excellence

Strategic Depth

We are a record-holding AEM development company, perpetually ensuring that your digital initiatives align with your business’s long-term organizational goals and objectives..


Data & Analytics

Leveraging the power of data and analytics, we provide valuable insights to optimize your digital content strategy. We are an agency that emphasizes making data-driven decisions and achieving measurable results.


Why Deftsoft is a Reliable AEM Agency?

When looking for a partner to maximize your Adobe Experience Manager investment, choose Deftsoft. Here’s why:


Expert Team of Professionals

Our team of AEM backend and front-end developers delivers the best-in-class AEM solutions for your business.


Connect Clients Hassle Less

We believe in building strong connections with our clients, making the process hassle-free and enjoyable.


Unmatched Quality

Our commitment to quality sets us apart. We go above and beyond to deliver the best AEM solutions that exceed expectations.


Extraordinary Performance

With a track record of delivering extraordinary performance, we consistently surpass our clients' expectations.

Partner with the Best AEM Development Agency in India

Deftsoft is a premier AEM development company dedicated to enhancing your online presence with unparalleled speed and seamless scalability. Our range of AEM services includes, but is not limited to:

  • AEM Website Development: We design and develop stunning websites using AEM, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient content management.
  • AEM Content Management: We streamline content creation, publishing, and management processes for seamless digital experiences.

Choose Deftsoft for your AEM management needs and unlock the full potential of Adobe Experience Manager. We can help your business thrive in the digital landscape.


Discover how Adobe Experience Manager can revolutionize your business and take your customer experience to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AEM stands for Adobe Experience Manager. It's a feature-rich content management system for building mobile apps, websites, and forms. It optimizes the creation, management, and delivery of content and digital media.

AEM offers users improved task management and more precise analytics capabilities. It enables the team to work on several projects simultaneously in a distraction-free environment. AEM assists in clearing the clutter as your project grows, allowing you to maintain concentration on the current work.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites, the industry-leading content management system, enables developers and marketers to create high-converting pages for any type of digital property — from websites to mobile applications.

AEM has customization and analytics features. Traditional CMS lacks personalization. AEM is a perfect tool for enterprise customers. Enterprise users may encounter some technical issues while using a regular CMS.

AEM can automatically scan your content and assign metadata and tags to your content assets. This is really helpful when you need to publish a lot of content without sacrificing SEO. You can also modify the assigned tags based on your preferences.