Access All Cloud Environments on One Platform

Deftsoft helps you create various cloud environments that you can access and view later using one platform, Cloud Manager. There cannot be a one-size fits-all strategy as every business organization has its own set of requirements. This is why it is vital to get tailor-made content and website solutions. This is exactly why you need to use Adobe cloud services. Get a customized cloud environment built according to your business needs with customized CI/CD pipelines through Deftsoft’s AEM as a cloud service.

AEM Authoring Services

Manage all your website content and digital assets using AEM authoring services. Get a custom authoring and preview environment tailor-made for you.

AEM Publishing Services

Enhance the end-user experience of your website using AEM publishing services. The goal of such AEM cloud environment is to interact well with site visitors.

AEM Dispatcher Services

If your goal is to enhance security and performance, add AEM dispatcher service as a first line of defense followed by AEM publishing service. It is based on Apache HTTP web server module.

Want to Shift to Cloud? Deftsoft got You!

It can be challenging to shift infrastructure to AEM cloud as a service. Take off the load by availing Deftsoft’s cloud services for maximum business growth. It is the need of the hour to produce customer-relevant content which is why it is imperative to start utilizing the power of AEM cloud services. Enhance your business investment outcomes in the most positive manner by hiring us for Adobe cloud services.

This is how we help you:

  • Building dedicated CI/CD framework to help you scale up using AEM cloud services.
  • Quick content delivery on a global scale.
  • A tailor-made dynamic architecture best-suited for your business organization.
  • Enhance customer experience through our AEM as a cloud service as we deep integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Access AEM cloud services with zero downtime through robust CI/CD pipelines for content delivery.

Experience Reliability, Speed and Scalability with Deftsoft AEM Cloud Services

Beat the competition with Deftsoft’s Adobe cloud services. After all, there are some solid reasons to choose us:


Technical Expertise

We have AEM cloud experts with years of industry experience, thus, ensuring seamless cloud environment execution.


Creative Expertise

Let yourself in the best hands by enhancing digital user experience when our creative minds meet technical prowess.


Global Delivery

Our team works to offer global content and AEM cloud services delivery. We opt for agile methodology to give you the best cloud experience.


Commitment to Quality

Delivering quality-rich AEM cloud services is the major goal of Deftsoft. We stick to the basic principles that ensure high-level content and security.


Solid Strategies

We ensure that a solid strategic approach is followed to help checkmark all the business goals and requirements when it comes to AEM as a cloud service.


Data-Backed Optimization

Our research is backed by data and numbers that help us perform root-cause analysis. We further optimize AEM cloud services strategies for business growth.


Why Shift Infrastructure to Adobe Cloud Services?

AEM cloud services cut down infrastructure costs, load, and maintenance capital. Experience the best AEM as a cloud service through Deftsoft’s skilled hands. Shifting infrastructure from on-premise to AEM cloud can significantly improve customer satisfaction and website performance. There are many benefits to Adobe cloud services.

Enjoy the following benefits with Adobe Experience cloud services:


Zero Downtime

With AEM cloud services, you can unleash workflow potential to the fullest by experiencing zero downtime. This can help you scale up, manage content efficiently and explore content delivery capacities to the fullest.


High Scalability

According to the user activity and volume, the Adobe cloud services are tailored to scale up and down automatically to cater to the business requirements. All the AEM cloud instances are thus created equally.


Stay Up-to-Date

One of the major benefits of AEM as a cloud service is its ability to push AEM codebase automatically without the need to make updates manually. Thanks to the ability of AEM as a cloud service to build a continuous delivery pipeline for the AEM source codes.


Constant Improvement

AEM cloud services keep on improving their configuration, code and content based on the implementations made by customers. The aim is to perform constant evolvement of features and codebases for enhanced business growth.

Harness Adobe Cloud Services to Do Things the Cloud-Native Way

Deftsoft offers a full-fledged digital experience with magnified focus on your business growth. Leave the technical part to us while you deploy your infrastructure using Adobe AEM cloud service on cloud. Since the Adobe Experience cloud services are economical, easy-to-use, secure, highly-available, agile and scalable, it is the best decision to switch to AEM as a cloud service.

We ensure that the following cloud service requirements are met:

Automated Development

Develop applications the fastest and most efficient manner by automating the workflow. Push and deploy changes to the source code without dismounting the online infrastructure from cloud.

Scaled DevOps Workflow

The process of autoscaling, CI/CD pipelines, API connectivity, deployment, code quality gates and service delivery are ramped up with the use of AEM Cloud Manager. You can get DevOps scaled at ease.

Optimized Content Delivery

AEM cloud service possess an in-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) that functions to push content delivery efficiently on a global-level. We make sure that the best network-layer practices are followed.

Scalable Infrastructure

Savour the functionality of an auto-scalable infrastructure by leveraging the power of a dynamic architecture with the help of AEM as a cloud service. Cut the costs of maintaining and scaling local infrastructure manually.

High-Level Security

Hail goodbye to cyber threats and security breaches by harnessing the power of Adobe cloud services. We perform automated tests for identifying common vulnerabilities.

Peak Performance

Experience next-level performance and efficiency by leveraging optimized performance topologies included in the Adobe Experience cloud services provided by Deftsoft.

Better Customer Experience

Elevate digital marketing performance and web analytics through deep integration of Adobe Experience Cloud with AEM as a cloud service. Witness significant improvement in your online presence.

Migration Tasks

We offer time-to-value services when it comes to migration tasks such as minimal code changes (code refactoring), content transfer, and other cloud migration services to optimize workflow.

Transform the Way You Work with Deftsoft’s Adobe Cloud Services to elevate your customer experience.

Join Hands with the Best

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service is a significant service that focuses on providing content-led personalized experiences to customers. It is one of the latest offerings in the AEM line of products by Adobe. You can build, deploy and test your website on the cloud by using Adobe cloud services. It is reliable, scalable and elastic as a cloud service.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an on-premise service offered by Adobe that can be used for content and asset management across various channels on different devices such as mobile, web, etc. On the other hand, AEM cloud is a cloud offering which you can use to build, test and deploy apps on the cloud. It is rather a cloud-native service that always stays updated. This enhances customer experience.

Adobe AEM cloud service is a low-cost highly available cloud service. It does not need to be updated as required for conventional AEM services. It is scalable, reliable, always up-to-date and elastic. You can build, test and deploy with the help of fastest CI/CD pipelines with zero downtime. It is also very secure as it offers quick disaster recovery.

Adobe uses Microsoft Azure as its choice of cloud. It adds a plethora of benefits to the Adobe Experience Manager such as high-availability, reliability, speed, disaster recovery, and security.

Adobe cloud services help business organizations in quickly adapting to changing business needs, thanks to its agility features. You also get high availability, elasticity, scalability and security in the AEM as a cloud service.

The AEM cloud manager plays a significant role in the lives of business owner, program manager, developer, deployment manager, customer success engineer, and content author.