Scale Up Adobe Experience Manager Applications with Proactive Solutions

A dedicated team is required to ensure that the Adobe Experience Manager applications are up and running. IT team plays an indispensable role in managing and monitoring the working of the AEM platform. This is right when we jump in! Our Adobe Technical Services provide on-time application AEM support services and web content management services as well. We offer business organizations expert support, maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of the AEM platform. On top of that, 24/7 monitoring by our technical experts renders quick issue resolution. Our goal is to enhance your customers’ digital experiences.

Unleash the AEM Potential with Deftsoft’s Experts: AEM Managed Professionals at Your Services

Deftsoft is a team of well-versed, tech-savvy AEM experts. Your projects will be handled by our experts:

  • AEM Developers
  • AEM Sites experts
  • AEM Integration experts
  • AEM Migration experts
  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Technical Architects

Practices Involved in AEM Managed Services

Deftsoft’s AEM Managed Services is an amalgamation of premier technical support services, digital content management, security services, website hosting, and much more. The highlighting practices are as follows:

Maintaining Scalability

Maintaining Scalability

It is crucial to scale the AEM applications up and down according to the changing needs. Deftsoft’s Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services are testimony to this vital practice. We aid business organizations in scaling resources.

Security Management

Security Management

Deftsoft also offers to implement security measures, such as applying the principles of filtering all user-supplied content upon output. We ensure the prevention of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, especially during the development stage and testing.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

The first and foremost step to any Adobe Experience Manager deployment is performance testing. It can either be performed on the author or published instances based on the business requirements.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Losing data can be agonizing. Deftsoft offers result-oriented backup and recovery services. We help you in recovering the data of numerous Adobe applications. We have a dedicated team of AEM technical support to serve this purpose.


User Access Permission

You can also manage user permissions through our Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services. We help businesses grant authorization to users so that only specific users can access specific data, pages, or resources.


Content Customization and Integration

Our main focus is to curate customer-centric content that compels the targeted audience to engage with your business. We also offer AEM integration services where we integrate AEM with Adobe and other third-party apps, as per your needs.


Why Choose Deftsoft for AEM Managed Services?

Deftsoft is the one-stop solution for managing, monitoring, supporting, and maintaining AEM digital assets. We are a solid team of top-notch AEM Developers, AEM Sites experts, AEM Technical Support experts, and so on and so forth, who are there to offer reliable, robust, and efficient solutions. Our dedicated team consists of an array of experts who constantly work to foster your business. The reasons why you should consider Deftsoft as your choice of service are as follows:


Track Record of Constant Success

Deftsoft has a history of effectively overseeing AEM digital asset management for our satisfied clients. AEM professionals always go above and beyond expectations by emphasizing successful results. The client endorsements serve as compelling evidence of the effectiveness of the AEM online consultation services.


Real-Time Collaboration

When we collaborate, teamwork is highly valued. Understanding the client's pain points and conducting a comprehensive root-cause analysis are the first steps in any project. Deftsoft offers specially crafted fixes for your problems.


On-Time Project Delivery

Deftsoft’s experts are punctual and stay true to their words. We collaborate on varied projects with an achievable timeline. Maintaining transparency with our clients is our apex goal. Therefore, we offer timely project delivery with a discussed deadline.


Consistent Support

Our collaboration and consultation do not halt after hitting the goal. We stay in touch post-project completion. Our support extends to help you optimize the outcomes of your availed AEM Managed Services until you witness the digital transformation.

What’s Included in Deftsoft’s AEM Managed Services?

Deftsoft is a team of experienced and well-versed AEM technical support professionals who focus on efficient and quick issue resolution. We also offer scalable solutions to enhance the productivity of your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) applications, content, and digital assets.

The Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services provided by Deftsoft covers the following aspects:

  • Application Monitoring and Maintenance: You can completely rely on our AEM technical support team to carry out regular audits of your AEM applications. Our experts look for bugs, monitor applications consistently, resolve issues, optimize application speed, and check up for other development issues to make the best out of Adobe Experience Manager. Our approach is proactive and sophisticated.
  • Prior Issue Resolution: Deftsoft’s dedicated team for implementing AEM Managed Services conducts a prior check on the AEM environment and looks for potential issues to resolve. Our AEM team works productively and proactively to look for solutions to your business’s emerging problems and formulate strategies.
  • Application Security: At Deftsoft, ensuring the security of your customer’s digital experiences is the end goal. We prevent, detect, and respond to incidents with utmost priority. We also offer maintenance, monitoring, and optimization of your Adobe Experience Manager applications.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services belong to the Adobe Experience Manager suite that focuses on offering AEM technical support services post-AEM migration and integration. There needs to be a dedicated IT team of AEM Support Engineers to cater to the constant need for upgrades, maintenance, and technical issue resolution. Deftsoft fulfills this specific need for optimizing digital content on the AEM platform according to customers’ needs. We also offer proactive solutions to AEM-related problems, such as scaling the environment, backup and recovery, integration, etc.

There are many different AEM Managed Services that address numerous issues related to Adobe Experience Manager. Deftsoft offers quick and efficient technical support services for AEM. These services include security management, user access permission, optimizing AEM resource scalability, performance testing for instances, backup and recovery, customizing content, and integration with various Adobe and third-party tools.

Deftsoft has a dedicated team of Adobe Experience Manager professionals who are well-versed with AEM Managed Services and the related processes. We have a team of experts, including AEM technical support engineers, AEM developers, back-end and front-end developers, technical architects, AEM integration experts, AEM migration experts, and content authors.

Our focus is issue resolution when it comes to catering to the client’s pain points related to AEM technical issues. Our team of AEM developers identify the bugs, monitors clients’ concerned AEM applications, provide development support, update AEM applications, and perform regular audits. This protocol ensures seamless issue resolution. This is how we have an array of satisfied clients across the industry.

The Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services offer expert support, maintenance, and optimization for AEM applications. Deftsoft provides proactive issue resolution and 24/7 remote monitoring to ensure the reliability and functionality of your customers' digital experiences.