Research shows that the media and entertainment industry is going to grow at a phenomenal rate of 6 percent in the future. The estimated revenue over the next few years is going to be more than $2 trillion. The change in the mindset of the consumers online shows evidently and this is why the enterprise can acquire a market share solely by harnessing powerful technology.


The media industry is more than just a publishing and broadcasting industry. Making communities is absolutely important and that is why we endeavour to synchronize social events with our solutions facilitating a user-engaging enterprise for their products


Contemporary media consumers are not stuck on to a single media platform, they like to diversify their experiences by using a multitude of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. to access multiple platforms. By developing native application we that are accessible from different platforms a lot of market demands will be realised.


At Deftsoft, media solutions provided have a multiple channel approach. We provide our clients with rendered tools that help in an optimized and secure media performance. Our main focus is to provide the media industry services that are going to make the world of technology stronger by utilizing online data and resources.

Our recent projects


Offering guitar lessons over Skype, Gaurav Bali is one of the few seasoned and world renowned guitarists who believe in providing their expertise to people all over the world. He is a guitarist, composer and teacher with more than 3 decade’s worth of experience.


The classic fairytale by the Grimm Brothers, Frog Prince makes one good read for all children. This app gives you access to this fairytale so that you can access it through your mobile phone or your tablet.


In a bid to avoid people from getting scammed in the entertainment industry, Hollywood OS established itself to find a creative solution for this problem. They have been supplying casting content, both online, and in print.


Gutsy was created to provide iOS users with a chance to express true emotions for any friend anonymously. Well that truly is going to be fun! The application allows you to connect to your friends using different social media accounts and then the party begins!


For aspiring musicians looking to establish themselves, Ditto Music provides a wonderful opportunity to help you distribute your music online by setting up your own record label and sell your music worldwide.


If you are searching for a date in the Balkan Community then Date in Balkan is the right spot to hit. Currently in its beta phase the website offers the users with a crisp and smooth User Experience and helps them explore individuals with similar tastes in their respective region. Are you ready to play the dating game!


The Nashville folk duo, Sam Beam and Sufjan Stevens have come out with a completely new sound and new band called More Hazards More Heroes. They have even put in the lyrics of their most famous songs for their fans!


Pool battle is an amazing website designed for creating sports pool for the ones who love gaming. It works in three simple steps-CREATE, INVITE and PLAY. It enthralls you with an exciting gaming challenge. Listed as one of the biggest gaming portals in the world, it appeals to audiences of all age groups. Join this portal for an exciting hour of gaming.

Matt Moe

Team at Deftsoft is really good. Did a great job! Not only did they provide me with fantastic and innovative sales oriented content for my website, they also helped market it using paid advertising and search engine optimization.

Elon Gasper (Lauren)

I contacted Deftsoft for web designing and unlike most companies they provided me with mockups of my website instead of just wireframes. So all in all, creative and professional designers with solid HTML knowledge is what Deftsoft stands for.

Thomas Writtrup

If you are looking for a dedicated team of developers who know their code, then Deftsoft will not disappoint you. Their professional team is always there to assist you and is available to answer all your queries, no matter how many you might have. I would definitely hire them again.

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