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IT and healthcare have been working closely with one another for over a decade now and the revenue values generated by the year 2015 would be around 25 billion dollars. This massive industry needs optimized structuring and software solutions that deliver value to customers while helping the organization to grow towards successfully catering to the population.

How we deliver business value

Healthcare solutions:-

The era of IT is upon us and we at Deftsoft engineer solutions that enable our clients to harness the power of this revolution and rocket towards success. We optimize solutions keeping in mind the need of the hour and make sure that the solutions we provide our clients with enhance workflow and management in the best possible way.

Client and patient management:-

We have years of experience in developing management solutions for organizations and this enables us to develop and structure our solutions around the framework of the organization and build a symbiotic system between the existing framework and the solutions we provide.

Data management:-

The industry is all about maintaining data and we provide our clients with the very best of data and record management services that help them in managing as well optimizing all the data pertaining to their sector of work. These solutions are structure in a way that enhances utility and secures the records against any kind of future threats.

Our recent projects

Life Style Social

A social platform created to redefine the way fitness information transpires through the internet. A portal based on the concept of social communities Lifestyle social offers much more than meets the eye. With a responsive design, this portal helps you keep track of your fitness goals on the go!


The dream to achieve those 6-pack abs can be fulfilled easily. The Health Workout Plus program has a collection of excellent videos. This program is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch. You only need iOS 6 or later version to operate this amazing workout program.


Appvendo is one of the leading providers of practice management software based solutions to veterinary clinics. They believe in delivering high quality and performance oriented solutions. Software solutions delivered by Appvendo can help you experience steep hike in sales.

A simple and effective way to transform your iPhone to your personal fitness logbook. The application was designed to allow users to easily add fitness routines, diets and much more to their customized dashboard and thus stay at pace with their fitness goals without losing track of activities.


If you are looking for the best online directory services related to health then is there for you. All you need is to type about what you are looking for; rest will be there on your screen. From adolescents’ services to women’s treatment, they deal in all. Feel free to contact them anytime!


Learn about the healthy way of cooking food plus things to avoid on daily basis. Eating Well is one of the best online platforms where you can learn about excellent recipes and health tips. They also provide amazing tips on how to cook cheap healthy dishes.


If you have problems in your teeth, then you should browse once. This website offers you solutions, when it comes to find out a dentist in your nearby location. It is one of the leading dental directories in South Africa. You can try their services once!

Mindfulness Exercises

Today stress has made our life miserable, and that is why we need somebody who can get us out from this stress. If you are also willing to say goodbye to stress then join You can also get 2 e-books for free to cope up with stress factors. Connect with them today!

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I contacted Deftsoft for web designing and unlike most companies they provided me with mockups of my website instead of just wireframes. So all in all, creative and professional designers with solid HTML knowledge is what Deftsoft stands for.

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If you are looking for a dedicated team of developers who know their code, then Deftsoft will not disappoint you. Their professional team is always there to assist you and is available to answer all your queries, no matter how many you might have. I would definitely hire them again.

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