Be a part of one of the most trusted and widely used platforms of the world

We at Deftsoft offer exquisite development services for windows based applications

It's time for Windows. Get going quickly

Getting started on Windows is easier than ever; the tools are excellent, the code samples are solid, and what you already know matters

Give life to your app

Developing apps that bring relevant, real-time information to users, and keep them coming back for more

Get discovered in new places

With the fastest growing mobile platform globally and a steady desktop market, it is a great time to bring your apps to Windows: on phones, tablets, and PCs

Window Mobile App Development

Windows Applications

Windows is one of the most trusted platforms of all times, its vast user baser and cult following makes it more than just a platform. If you plan to cater to an audience that dedicatedly uses this superb platform, connect with Deftsoft.

We at Deftsoft house a team of professionals that are well versed with the platform and understand what the user wants. We help you create applications for the latest versions of the platform and make sure that your users get what they seek.

Deftsoft offers exclusive services when it comes to windows based development.

All type of apps

Applications designed to help you do more than ever. We create apps that integrate your passions with usability and give you a superb experience

Ask for it

Switch to Windows 8.1 and experience a refreshing new design for your mobile platforms with live tiles and more!

Tools to help you get work done

Work virtually anytime, anywhere, and tap into the power of cloud storage with Office Online and other tools

Make it Personal

Tweak until its perfect, make the tiles suit your taste. Customize your view and break free from the set patterns of life

Stay Connected always

One Windows across your devices, With OneDrive, you have access to your music, movies, photos, documents, settings, Windows apps, even browsing history, across all your devices

Fun of it

Xbox is your complete entertainment centre in the cloud, giving you access to your games, music, movies, iTunes libraries, and more – at home and on the go

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