• June 19, 2015

Nomophobia might sound all fancy but a lot of people around the world are suffering from it and probably someone right next to you or perhaps you could be suffering from this irrational fear of losing your cell phone! Yes, nomophobia is the fear of losing your mobile phone and aren’t we all nomophobes in some way? How often have you skipped a heart beat when you realized that your cell phone wasn’t in your pocket? Or how often have you frantically tried to get a signal on your phone and in the process you went all ‘lion king’ on….

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The world is all about internet and related activities and social media is more or less like a virtual world to most of us. We socialize, we explore, we do everything that we can on this amazing platform and literally spend over 60% of our day browsing through the various platforms. Although social media offers limitless possibilities and there is so much that can be done if one harnesses the power it provides us. There is a whole new world out there for a recruiter. As an employer one can easily make sure that they come across the right set….

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There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little

- Jackie French Koller

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