Groundbreaking Cyber Security Trends Of 2017

  • By Amaninder Singh Brar

  • 9th May 2017

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The advancement and progress are a never-ending or an ongoing project that serves an industry with a plethora of benefits to achieve the heights of success. However, in the globe of IT, if there is a white side, then you come across the dark side as well. In this dog eat dog scenario, it is a matter of concern which cannot be taken for granted at all.

The businesses are encountering with a number of pitfalls which are far beyond your mind’s eye. Today, cyber crime has turned to be the biggest threat which is hitting the businesses badly, resulting in the loss of personal information of the organization. Overcoming such critical situations has become the need of the hour which is calling for futuristic cyber security tech trends.

To save you from becoming a victim, 2017 has brought to you updated solutions in the following terms for security needs of businesses:

Balance Data Privacy & Security

Cyber attacks are increasing with a pace making it difficult to identify. Thus, it would be effective to include implement continuous monitoring and threat detection system for support. Adapt resilience of systems and data to avoid security threats.

Unite Previous Security Policies Altogether

With the increasing cloud services each and every information can be accessed through the cloud and can further be secured with this. Also, make sure that your security staff is highly educated to understand their key responsibilities to work accordingly.

Introducing SaaS Applications

Overarching cloud security policy or software effectively manages the activity of the increasing number of cloud applications while anticipating and blocking the threats. These reduce the need to install and update software, looking after hardware and fulfilling data storage needs.

Adaptive Security Architecture For Data Breaches

It won’t be possible to be a watchdog to stay ahead of the hackers. Therefore, the adaptive security architecture is an effective approach to managing the business risks and threat recovery. Cyber crime not only results in data breaches but also cost millions to businesses.

Keep A Check On Security Application Testing

As drastic times call for drastic measures, same is the case with cyber security.  Software once installed doesn’t mean to perform continuously with the same potency. It is a must to have a check on a regular basis to test security holes and avoid vulnerabilities.

Digital Security For Digital Business

The world of digitalization is transforming the way businesses are conducted. To save businesses from breaking their back and to take the bull by horns, the digital era is providing more advanced digital security and monitoring tools to various digital businesses to thrive success.

Cloud-Based Robust Data Recovery

Where the world is going cloud, the cloud systems can also be exposed to threats by the hackers. This is more shocking for the businesses to look for an effective and reliable way to protect their data from being hacked. Therefore, to avoid this situation, the owners should ensure robust disaster recovery and further backup plan.

If you are dreaming of creating a progressive business environment, then it is essential for you and your business to go for advanced cyber security management trends. It’s the time to ace up your sleeves utilizing numerous technological advancements.


Written By
Amaninder Singh Brar
calendar 9th May 2017
Amaninder Singh Brar, Director of Operations, is the man responsible for using the latest technology to guide every department towards success. His vision and ideas have helped the prestigious institution in achieving the requirements of its global clients. He poses a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best IT solutions to clients.

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