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  • November 21, 2016

The Tech world is driving the today’s generation to the near and reality to let them enjoy the experience of the simulated three-dimensional world. Virtual Reality is affecting everyone’s life and will keep on doing in the near future.

As, we all have one person along with us, who is always surrounded by a number of dreams, whether it be of flying in the sky or becoming a rich person on the planet. Today, with the great technological advancements, we have many tools that help us to accomplish our dreams in a number of ways. Like, recently we can say it for Pokemon Go. This popular app has made the world go mad for it. The fame it acquires can still be counted on the live news, everyday newspapers and various social media platforms.

Because of this, the expectations of users have increased to a great extent and they are always in the search of some new researchers that bring them a bouquet full of fun and excitement. Due to the high expectations, the responsibility directly goes on the shoulders of the developers to create a unique blend of technology and pleasure. They are in the continuous search of tools and platforms that offer the users a great explosion box, packed with the treasure of entertainment and entertainment.

So, what’s next then? Everyone is curious to know about the coming fad that will make them revolve around the earth and help them to move a step forward to fulfill their dreams. If you are the one looking for such sort of technological fun, then your search ends here!

Day Dream- Simple, high-quality virtual reality!

Google – A friend having solution for all our worries, took initiative to facilitate its users to follow their mind and live their vision. Google is always on the top to bring you the newest tips, tricks, apps and resources that helps you to develop your tablet or phone experience and make them fit your style. Among these, DayDream app offers a high-quality virtual reality to DayDream- ready phones. The app is the best to set up a ready phone along with a controller for amazing VR experiences.

The app is compatible with android devices offering unique and reliable features of living your dreams effectively. If we generally explain about this app, then it is a screensaver for your Android gadget while sit without moving or docked. For sure, this won’t impress you to get it download to your device. So, what’s there special about it and how it can enhance a user’s experience? Clients can peruse and introduce the applications on the go or in the VR.

Google Daydream is the Android application which conveys amazing virtual reality to your gadgets. With this application, you can introduce your most loved virtual reality experiences. You can investigate the new world in your private VR silver screen and play an immersive which plays at the focal point of the activity. By this, you can set up a day dream ready headset and controller, browse and introduce the applications and launch your most loved fantasy experiences.At the moment, only Pixel and Pixel XL are the compatible smartphones for this amazing DayDream application. By using the app you can effectively browse and get a collection of VR apps and games. With this, it brings all the VR content front and center.

So, for what you are waiting now? Go to google app store, search for the DayDream app and get it downloaded to your device. Use your headset and enjoy each and every moment of the time while seeing your dream coming true!


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