Chatbots – The Abundantly Advertised Fate of the Internet


Chatbots – The Abundantly Advertised Fate of the Internet

  • By Amaneet Singh Brar

  • 12th September 2016

95% of humans, spend 90% of their time on email and messaging platforms. So, what about building such stuff for places where the customers efficiently hang out!

The things when coming to technology and advancement, we know the accomplishments are breathtaking and never ending. From the recent years, we have come up with many spectacular achievements that have taken the world beyond beliefs, either in Science, IT, Education, Space, Business, and every other field.

Here! We are talking about another leading innovation that has developed remarkably – CHATBOTS. Generally, it corresponds to our daily habit, and that is clearly understood by the word “Chat”. Today, we all are computer dependent creatures, where these systems play a major part in our lives. And with the rise of artificial intelligence, the computer has mold towards a different direction. Because of such combination of hi-tech solutions, the tech companies are working curiously to prove the effectiveness and blast of essential elements- “bots”.

So, let’s go into detail to know more about the impact of CHATBOT with its meaning, origin, history and benefits……

CHATBOTS are the computer programs primarily designed to process a mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence via text or verbal basis. It is also known as Chatterbot, Talkbot, Bot, or Artificial Conversational Entity, according to the choice. These programs are designed to convincingly recreate how a human would carry on as a conversational accomplice, consequently finishing the Turing test. They are generally designed or programmed to fool humans into thinking, that they are conversing with the humans instead they are writing to a Chatbot.

Going with the history, in 1950, Alan Turing published his famous article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in which he talks about the intelligence a computer acquires in differentiating the machine from another human being. The article got a great response and leads in the development of real chatbots known as ELIZA in 1966 and Parry in 1972.

The idea used behind this evolution is to ease the process of resolving customer’s issues. It brings a quick solution and much faster than the emailing. With a survey, it is noticed that using emails for the customer service issue consumes more time as the maximum it can take even 10 days to resolve the matter. But, with chat it hardly takes 15 minutes. Apart from this, it includes many other benefits, as with this bot solution, chat has taken to the advance level. First is that a bot or computer can handle more customers at a time. Second, it seems just like talking to a human. Third, according to the customer’s reaction a bot can identify the situation of the customer and automatically switches the discussion over to a person.

Today, Chatbots are designed for various purposes and could be related to any number of things, varying from functional to fun, and could live in any significant talk product like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Text Messages, etc. These are now intended as apps or incorporated into various customer services pages. In order to engage more customers or attraction, some chatbots are created stylized or designed. It provides endless possibilities that you can easily build anything imaginable and creative.

Still, if you think that why we should spend time and energy on it? Many come across with such a thought that they simply just look like text-based services, then why we bother much about that. As, today, it is clearly seen that people are more into messenger apps than social media platforms. So, in the event, that you need to fabricate a business on the web, you need to assemble where the general population is. That spot is presently inside messenger applications. Not, just providing the questions, answers, chatbot folds a host of services and help you get the information related to weather, shopping, news, sports, buying tickets, etc.

If you incline toward the vibe of sending a content to rounding out a field, you’ll lean toward the Chatbot experience.

Written By
Amaneet Singh Brar
calendar 12th September 2016
Amaneet Singh Brar, the man responsible for taking Deftsoft to the pinnacle of success. Contributing to over 15 years of growth of Deftsoft, he has bought sustainable and quality-driven IT solutions that have a global impact. Admired for driving radical growth and building the IT infrastructure of a reputable enterprise, he is a trusted expert with a remarkable history of creating a name for the organization on the global landscape. He’s on the mission to develop innovative and bespoke IT solutions to accelerate business’ digital transformation.

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