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Lohri Event 2019
  • January 23, 2019

It’s the beginning of a new harvest season. At Deftsoft Informatics, we celebrated Lohri festival with the great zeal and enthusiasm with a bonfire and a musical evening with DJ Dhol beat with chilled out vibes.

The Deftsoft family was reverberated with applause and joyous shout by welcoming the entire management along with the family members by gracing the occasion. The inspiring words of our Director, Mr. Amaninder Brar addressed the gathering in a warm embracing manner. His words filled all of us with high spirits and joy.

As our tradition, we start every occasion by evaluating our strengths to advance towards attaining our goals and to be known as leading IT solution providers in the region. The entire team was brimming with fresh determination as the star members were recognized for their tireless efforts. The trophies to the winners for their outstanding performance in their respective areas were awarded. The recognition for hard work filled us to set fresh goals to surpass our seniors.

For every member, this was a moment to feel pride and at the same time an inspiration to drive swiftly to achieve new targets. The appreciation from management and seniors for award winners were truly delightful. Their genuine engagement in conversation with winners and photographs filled the atmosphere with positive energies. The speeches from the respective departmental heads were like a preview to set our goals for next year.

Then came the time to enjoy the Lohri swag. Wait, before the much awaited moment to rock on the floor came, there were thrilling on the spot performances by our teammates. A melody of songs, a dance performance was the main attractions. On the spot, a few fun-filled games were played which were mesmerizing. A loud laughter in the air spread by watching our team members juggling to win in the games such as paper dancing. Oh! How the next generation of Deftsoft family be not part of the celebration? The tiny toddlers present gave a live performance. The joy and a feeling of togetherness filled our hearts with a sense of being a part of Deftsoft family.

The Lohri celebration with bonfire followed with the distribution of Rewari, Munghfali and Popcorn followed by tea and snacks.  We greeted each other and celebrated the festival with true essence with a twist of high spirits. In the end, all were on the dance floor enjoying and dancing on Punjabi beats.

Finally, the celebration came to its end by opening new doors of friendship and shared a commitment to take Deftsoft to its next level by exerting and indulging ourselves to excel in every area of our service!


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