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International Women’s Day 2018 Celebrating the Elegance of Womanhood

Women Day Celebrations

Mothers, sisters, friends, fiancées, wives, daughters, aunts…… For once, just think your life without them? Not possible, right? When we can’t even imagine our lives without them, the mere thought of spending one day without their presence sends acold shiver down the spine. We owe everything to these lovely women in our lives; from a loving mother to teasing sister and supporting wife to darling daughter, they have kept on sacrificing their moments and happiness that ultimately paved the path of our success. And for their sacrifices, we can’t do anything to repay them! But, on the eve of International….

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Deftsoft Celebrated 12th Anniversary Milestone with Enthusiasm

12th Anniversary Deftsoft

DEFTSOFT is a renowned company that has made its mark in the field of Web Designing and Digital Marketing for more than a decade. We have served our clients with our innovative and expert technical solutions that helped them to achieve their business goals successfully. Our professionals specialize in Web Development, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, Product Development, and Software Testing. Our prime focus is the complete satisfaction of our clients by providing them robust and intuitive services. Recently, DEFTSOFT completed its 12 years of excellence in the field of Information Technology. We celebrated our 12th Anniversary by organizing an event….

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Repository Management- A Splendid Way Out To Deliver Quality On Time

Repository Management

The competition in the market is becoming stiffer with the rising expectations of the customers. Every business owner is now streamlined towards living up to the expectations of their customers in the on-time delivery of the software. Supreme quality, innovativeness, creativity plus speedy delivery of the project are the need of the hour. It is necessary that the business owners must deliver the premium quality service within the scheduled time to cover up the deadlines. So, you need such a system that guides you through the administrative delays and help you implement the process. Here, the need to accelerate your….

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Groundbreaking Cyber Security Trends Of 2017

Cyber Security Trends

The advancement and progress are a never-ending or an ongoing project that serves an industry with a plethora of benefits to achieve the heights of success. However, in the globe of IT, if there is a white side, then you come across the dark side as well. In this dog eat dog scenario, it is a matter of concern which cannot be taken for granted at all. The businesses are encountering with a number of pitfalls which are far beyond your mind’s eye. Today, cyber crime has turned to be the biggest threat which is hitting the businesses badly, resulting….

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Data Visualization – A Smart Investment for Your Big Data Analytics Success


The term Data Visualization is hitting the minds of millions at the present times, where there is no room for the companies or organizations without the knowledge and skills of presenting their business in the highly defined and persuading manner. Today, it is imperative for every business personality to walk hand-in-hand with the technology and the latest business trends to achieve the heights of success. Unfortunately, if you lack somewhere, then it’s a matter of worry for you that how to stand out in this competitive world. The idea of utilizing the pictures to illustrate the information has been used ….

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Sing and Dance to Make Up a Cheer, let’s Say Together a Happy New Year!


December is crazy and so are we! Dedication, hard work and passion are our core strengths. But, when it comes to fun and excitement, then we can make the stars dance. The month of festivals in Deftsoft is full of swings which rejoice everybody’s soul, heart and mind. At the times of celebrations, we find ourselves in a different zone, where no one is watching us, stop us to shake up our office parties. Like every year, Deftsoft’s Christmas & New Year Celebration this time too were one of the annual events that won’t be missed. A shaky floor, high….

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Day Dream App- Let yourself lost in the world of dreams!


The Tech world is driving the today’s generation to the near and reality to let them enjoy the experience of the simulated three-dimensional world. Virtual Reality is affecting everyone’s life and will keep on doing in the near future. As, we all have one person along with us, who is always surrounded by a number of dreams, whether it be of flying in the sky or becoming a rich person on the planet. Today, with the great technological advancements, we have many tools that help us to accomplish our dreams in a number of ways. Like, recently we can say….

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Celebrated a Successful Journey of 11 Years of the Establishment!


Motivated to head forward on the path of 12th year with the new ideas, aspirations and our worthy business partners. Deftsoft completed its successful journey of 11 years with the kind support of our wonderful present or ex-employees and business associates from all around the globe. It’s been the proudest moment for all of us, who have spent their precious time of their valuable life for making this day appear. To commemorate this great event of happiness, a huge celebration was planned to get a lap from work and enjoy the efforts of our brilliant team had made within the….

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Come Let’s Commemorate The Festival Of Eid With Pomp And Show!


Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most popular festivals, celebrated by the Muslims all over the world with much happiness and joy. This festival is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, which is the holy month of fasting. Celebrations of Eid start with the moon sighting. People have special plans to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. Not only, it is the festival of Muslims, but in India people of all religion celebrate this festival with great ecstasy. We, at DEFTSOFT celebrate this festival of happiness with great enthusiasm and love. We offer all the freedom to our Muslim employees to practice their religion…..

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Boost Your Performance with Gamification at Work


Play at work! Isn’t it sounds quite interesting? Well, beating your competitors is not only possible by simply making you engaged in work all the time. In today’s era, there is a great need to make you clear the real meaning of competition and success. Merely, having an understanding is not enough, if you are not given an environment to relax your mind to improve you and your business success. Well, to help many of the industries, there is a concept of gamification that proves to be a boon for the business world. Most of the companies are adopting this….

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